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North American Beaver

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Friend Data
Voiced by: Shino Shimoji
First Appearance: Episode 5
Home Area: Lake Shore
Associated Characters: Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Has Promotional Video: Yes
North American Beaver Anime Season 2 Festival Pavilion Nexon Game

North American Beaver appeared as a major character in Episode 5 - Lake Shore.


North American beaver constantly questions her abilities and qualities each time she has something she wants to accomplish, she worries over the small details and doesn't find the determination to continue when she loses her way. Nevertheless, she consistently creates new ideas and knows how to arrange them.

Role in the Plot

Episode 5 - Lake Shore

When the Japari Bus. driven by Serval, hits some logs arranged by Beaver, they fall and roll into the lake. After Serval and Kaban apologize, she explains her dream project of building a log cabin on the lake shore. She had just gotten the materials and got nervous about starting right before Serval ran into them. She explained that she had to give three months worth of Japaribuns to Northern White-Faced Owl in exchange for the wood to build the house.

They head to the forest to search for the trees Beaver needs. During the trip, they encounter Black-Tailed Prairie Dog who was stuck in a hole. Afterwards, she teaches Prairie Dog how to correctly cut a tree by using her teeth, facilitating the work for everyone. After that, they return to the lake shore with the trees cut, at the first, Beaver tries to visualize the foundation needed for the house but she quickly questions the size of the trees and started to panic. Later, Kaban suggests to her to make a small prototype of the house she wants to build, helping her gain self-confidence for a short time, but yet again she looses control of her faith and begins to construct countless small prototypes.

After a while, she takes some free time with the others to talk about and share her problems with building a home, something both she and Prairie Dog shares. Kaban gets the idea to pair the two up and work together. With Beaver's guidance and Prairie's own hard work, the two create a beautiful log house with a tunnel that leads to and from an island in the middle of the lake. At the end, she says goodbye to Kaban and Serval before they continue their adventure and even builds a wooden bed for them.

Episode 7 - Japari Library

North American beaver encounters Fennec Fox and Raccoon in the house she built with Black-tailed prairie dog.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

North American beaver appears in the fight against the big cerulean, giving instructions to Fennec, Sand Cat and Black-tailed prairie dog. At the end, she participates at the party to celebrate the victory among the other friends, and shows the upgrade she made with the others for the Japari Bus.


Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

Black-tailed prairie dog and Beaver are close friends who unite their forces to build a house in Episode 5.

In the Anthology Manga

Chapter 2

Using her knowledge of building, American Beaver successfully sets up a toilet for herself and Black-Tailed Prairie Dog to use.


Eurasian Beaver in the first version of the opening
In the initial airing of the series, North American Beaver actually does not appear in the opening for episodes 1-6. In her place is Eurasian_Beaver with Black-Tailed Prairie Dog. This was not fixed in the Blu-ray version.
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