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Friend Data
Voiced by: Mariko Honda
First Appearance: Episode 6
Home Area: Plains
Associated Characters: Aurochs, Arabian Oryx, Japanese Black Bear, Moose
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Lion Anime Festival Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ Nexon Game Gallery
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Lion appeared as a major character in Episode 6 - Plains of the Kemono Friends anime.


Lion comes across as serious, charismatic,and even frightening especially during her first encounter with Kaban and Serval. She is also very confident in her own fighting abilities as well as her bodyguards. She can also be nice and protective over her Friends, or like she call them, her "girls". Despite her tough outer-shell, she can be lazy and take most of her time rest. Lion seems to be easily bored and wants to feel the excitement of fighting Moose.

Role in the Plot

Episode 6 - Plains

Lion secretly demands them to help Moose encounter her and to personally fight her. During the great fight between the Friends, Lion managed to share a fight with Moose thanks to Kaban and Serval's help.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Lion tries to help Kaban , participate at the party for celebrating this victory but take her time to sleep in a cabin of an abandoned big wheel with Ezo Red Fox



Lion and Moose had never met face-to-face prior to the events of the Kemono Friends anime, but the latter had repeatedly attempted to invade the Plains Area's castle. They shared a one-sided rivalry over the course of Moose's many failed charges. Once the two leaders meet face-to-face, they exchange blows in battle, which ultimately results in a draw. Both Friends are satisfied with this outcome, and the two become fast friends.


Aurochs is one of Lion's bodyguards. She trusts her with her safety.

Arabian Oryx

Arabian Oryx is one of Lion's bodyguards. She trusts her with her safety.

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