S1E10: Lodge

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Episode 10 - Lodge

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Episode Data
Japanese Title: ろっじ (Rojji)
Broadcast Date: March 14th, 2017
Animal Introductions: Gray Wolf, Reticulated Giraffe
Previous Episode: Episode 9 - Snowy Mountains Area
Next Episode: Episode 11 - Cellien

Lodge (Japanese : ろっじ) is the tenth episode of the Kemono Friends anime series. It introduces Campo Flicker, Gray Wolf and Reticulated Giraffe.


Kaban and Serval continue their journey and head torward the lodge with the Japari Bus. After they pass over a bridge, they leave the bus behind and enter it.

Campo Flicker making the visit of the Lodge to Kaban and Serval

They are welcomed to the Campo Lodge by Campo Flicker, who proposes that they stay in one of her rooms for a night. While walking to the rooms, Campo Flicker explains that the lodge is an old building, repurposed by herself for lodging. Firstly, she presents them the Floaty Room, which is appreciated by underwater Friends for the rocking of the hammocks. Then introduces the Quiet Room, which give a feeling of security for the Friends who like humidity and obscurity. They finish their trip with the orthodox View Room, which offers a beautiful view of the landscape during the morning and the evening. Serval decides to take the View Room for it's great view.

Kaban and Serval decide to explore the Lodge, encountering Gray Wolf during the process. She presents herself as a mangaka, *she demanded to the professors to bind the one she is currently drawing. After the presentations, Gray Wolf tells the rumour of a haunted dream in Lodge where you Friends can see a purple Cerulean while sleeping at the evening, if the victims of this dream are eaten by him, they will never wake up again. *This scares Kaban and Serval, which was part of her plan to get good expressions from them to use in her manga.

Later, they meet an another friend, Reticulated Giraffe. At her first entrance, she tries to guess Serval's species, but falsely accuses her of being a Goat. She doesn't want to accepts her fault and insists that Serval is lying about her identity. Afterwards, Kaban and Serval listen to another recording of Mirai from Boss, which hints that Mirai had visited the Lodge before.

The next day, the friends reunite themselve in a room. Campo Flicker explains that she saw a mysterious shadow during her daily check in The Lodge, but the shade disappeared in front of her with an incredible speed, however, none of the Friends were here at that unexplained phenomena. Gray Wolf tries again to scare the Friends with an scary story about how ceruleans are fast and how they digest the eaten Friends, but she is interrupts by Campo Flicker who order her to stop. Giraffe takes position and decides to analyse the area where Campo Flicker saw the shadow. When they are arrived, Campo Flicker shows the location of the shadow who apperently jumped on two branches before vanishing, Serval suggests that it could have been a cerulean, but Campo Flicker deny her theory by saying that the shade didn't have smells. Campo Flicker chooses to investigate the area later by herself, at the same time Kaban and Serval decide to continue their adventure. Unfortunately, the rain stop them from leaving, extending their stay in The Lodge.

In another place, Fennec Fox and Raccoon made their way to the Snowy Mountains, relaxing themselves in the hot springs maintained by both Ezo Red Fox and Silver Fox, Raccoon explained her goal of pursuing a thief, claiming Kaban is the thief.

Plan view from above the Lodge

Back to The Lodge during night, Kaban tries to find Serval after noticing her disparition, but Boss suddenly share an another recording from Mirai. In this recording, Mirai speak about the "exaggerated" global evacuation of the park, an another voice give the advice to stay in safe places, the recording also give informations about the creation of the lucky beast, Mirai talk about a new recorder that can have the fonctionality to guide visitors of the park. Serval shows up with crumbs over her face and scare off Kaban.

The day after, Giraffe has been victim of the mysterious apparition, she describes the shadow as white and blurry, Campo Flicker make an another theory that it might be an Cerulean who had mutations, however Giraffe says that the shadow has the shape of a Friend. Gray Wolf reinforces the theory of Campo Flicker, saying that Ceruleans can actually take the appearances of other Friends without realising their own existence. This story is yet again have been invented by Gray Wolf to get good expressions. Campo Flicker propose to stay in group until the next day.

Later in the Episode, Kaban and Serval receive another recording from Boss, this time explaining the effects of Sandstar on organic and non organic beings, Mirai also reveals researchs that prove the existence of different Sandstar types. After the end of the recording, Serval ask kaban's plans when she will regains her territory, Kaban explains that she will probably ask how humans lived if she encounters them, overwise she still haven't think about it. They hear a scream from outside, Gray Wolf has been victim of the strange phenomena, giving the correct description that Giraffe gave before, but this time the shade had the size of a tree. Serval don't trust her the first time unlike Kaban. They decide to discuss the next day.

Mirai's last recording with the first apparition of the other Serval

During the night, Kaban and Serval try to rest at their chamber, when they suddenly see the mystery white shadow floating in the sky. Surprised, they run away from it and join the other Friends. When they discuss about this, Giraffe accuses Gray Wolf, saying that she invents all this story for her manga. Kaban interrupts their dispute and reveal that she might be the reason of these apparitions, the shadow only appears when she was around while she was listening a recording from Mirai. During their walk, Boss show the last recording of Mirai in the form of a hologram, this time Mirai speaks about a cerulean who has the ability to regenerate his own body. They only had a week to defeat it before leaving the island. From the same recording, the other voice who was with Mirai from all the time is actually an another Serval who reveals herself. Serval doesn't remember to been there and refuses to believe this, all of a sudden she starts to cry.

Kaban and Serval leave The Lodge the day after, saying their last words to Campo Flicker, Gray wolf and Giraffe before leaving with the Japari Bus. They manage to find the boat, Boss starts the engines by himself. Before they continue, Kaban express her desires to pursuit her investigations from the other side of the ocean, but their discussion is cut by a loud and worrisome noise.

At the end, Fennec and Raccoon made their way to The Lodge and encounter the other Friends, they talk about the last eruption from the volcano where Raccoon saw a shadow stealing her hat.

Major Events

Kaban and Serval encounter the new Friends and discover The Lodge.

Strange phenomenas haunt The Lodge and scare the Friends.

Mirai's recording on the past events, the Black Cerulean, Lucky and Sandstar.

Apparition of another Serval during one of Mirai's recording.


Major Characters


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