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Members: Royal Penguin (Sasaki Mikoi)

Emperor Penguin (Nemoto Ruka)

Gentoo Penguin (Tamura Kyoka)

Southern Rockhopper Penguin (Aiba Aina)

Humboldt Penguin (Chikuta Ikuko)

Genre: J-pop
Years: 2017 - present
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PPP (Japanese: ぺぱぷ Hepburn: PePaPu), which is short for Penguins Performance Project (Japanese: ペンギンズパフォーマンスプロジェクト Hepburn: Penginzu Pafōmansu Purojekuto), is a recurring unit of penguin Friends who have appeared in all Kemono Friends media to date. They were formerly known as PIP, or Penguin Idol Project. PPP is comprised entirely of penguins.


PIP originally appeared in Nexon's Kemon Friends, but was changed to PPP for the anime adaptation, announced on Twitter on September 30, 2016.

Its first appearance was in episode 17 of the manga "Kemono Friends: Welcome to Japari Park!" by Fly, published in Shonen Ace on September 26, 2016. Later, as a real-life idol unit, they were announced together with Doubutsu Biscuits on November 22.

While Doubutsu Biscuits often does not appear in the story, PPP is unique in that the group often appears in the story.


In Welcome to Japari Park!

PPP of episode 17 of "Welcome to Japari Park!" when it was published in Shonen Ace.

The group appeared in episode 17, preceding the first season of the anime. Only Southern Rockhopper Penguin is the main character in this story. However, Royal Penguin did not appear in the magazine serialization and were added in the book.

In Anime (2017)

The five idol Friends of PPP. From left to right: Southern Rockhopper Penguin, Humboldt Penguin, Emperor Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Royal Penguin.

The earliest known generation of the group, known at the time as PIP, consisted of Emperor Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Southern Rockhopper Penguin, and Humboldt Penguin. The second generation featured three members. The most recent generation features a Royal Penguin . Margay serves as the current generation's manager. The identity of the manager for the previous generations is unknown.

During the events of the first season of the Kemono Friends anime, Kaban and Serval meet the current generation of PPP: Southern Rockhopper, Humboldt, Emperor, Gentoo, and Royal. Before their very first live performance, the five penguins are worried about living up to the legacy of their predecessors. Kaban, Serval, and PPP fangirl Margay help Royal overcome her stage fright, originating from being the first Royal Penguin of the group, in time for the concert. They help Kaban in her search for other humans in Japari Park by directing her to where they were last seen. Sometime during the month after the defeat of the Black Cellien and before Kaban's departure from Japari Park, PPP went in search for Japari Buns for Kaban and Serval to eat during their travels at Margay's request. The unit was able to find Japari Buns with the help of New Zealand Giant Penguin. They had to deal with a lot of trouble during their quest, including convincing Boss to let them go through a tunnel, traveling to a mysterious island, escaping angry Lucky Beasts with the help of Arai-san & Fennec, and eating Serval's "cooking".

In Stage Play 1

The creation of PPP's rival team is the genesis of the story; Blue Whale, PPP's patron, Sheep and Raccoon Dog, PPP's fans, and Black Leopard and Woolly Mammoth that appear as the management of PPP's live performances are major elements in this work.

In Stage Project

A friend of Great Auk, PPP name appears as a junior member of New Zealand Giant Penguin.


PPP, a generation after the first anime season, appears in this production and is depicted as being formed after the Japari Festival.

In Stage Play 2

This team appear as one of the Friends guest appearances that change daily. The main characters are Gentoo Penguin and Emperor Penguin. In this production, there is no Southern Rockhopper Penguin, and the PPP is a four-person team.

In Anime 2

Main article: S2E08: New Song in Concert

PPP in Kemono Friends 2.

The story is about a new song to be sung in concert, and Margay tries to add a frontal theatrical performance, and PPP makes an appearance.

In Kemono Friends 2 (Manga)

PPP in Kemono Friends 2(Manga).

Unlike the anime, it appear in the final battle. They were scheduled to perform at the Japari Hotel, but were attacked by Friends Type Cellien. They are depicted as a diva who acts together with Beast to bring the commotion to an end.

In Kemono Friends 3

PIP appears first, and PPP does not appear at first. It depicts Royal Penguin meeting PIP and becoming PPP.

In Kemono Friends Kingdom

Real Life

PPP also exists as a real life human idol unit, whose members are the voice actresses for the penguin idol unit in the Kemono Friends anime. In the anime, they performed the opening theme Welcome to Japari Park with Doubutsu Biscuits, another unit featuring the voice actresses for Serval, Arai-san, and Fennec. They also performed Ozora Dreamer as an insert song for episode eight, PPP's debut in the anime. They've made various promotional performances for the anime, often dressing as their respective characters.

Basically, the group is composed of five members. However, if the constituent members are doing other jobs, the group could be a three-person or four-person organization. In some cases, Margay (Mami Yamashita) or Caracal (Riko Koike) would sing as a member of PPP.

They won the singing award at the 12th Seiyu Awards in 2017, along with Doubutsu Biscuits.




  • PPP in the Sky! is released on the same day as the release of Kemono Friends Festival. Coincidentally, it is also released on the same day as World Penguin Day.
  • Tamura Kyoka, voice of Gentoo Penguin, and Chikuta Ikuko, voice of Humboldt Penguin have formed a sub-unit called Tik☆Tam which performs J-music, as well as making videos and live-streaming zoo visits.
  • There are many theories as to the origin of PPP. The guidebook explains that the theory is PPP, changing the I in PIP to P (Princess) because a new Princess (Royal Penguin) will be joining. In Kemono Friends 3, the theory is explained that the title held by New Zealand Giant Penguin was given to a junior member.


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