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Northern White-Faced Owl

Northern White-Faced OwlAnime.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Shiori Mikami (JP)
Kimberley Anne Campbell (EN)
First Appearance: Episode 7
Home Area: Japari Library
Associated Characters: Eurasian Eagle-Owl
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Northern White-Faced Owl Anime Season 2 Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game

Northern White-Face Owl is a owl Friend who first appears in Episode 7 - Japari Library of the Kemono Friends anime.


Northern White-Face Owl, often referred to as Professor/the professor by herself and other Friends, shares personality traits with Eurasian Eagle-Owl, her assistant. They are famed as the wisest Friends of Japari Park for their wide knowledge of Friends and the Park itself, and are well-aware of it; they proudly consider themselves as such and act highly defensive when someone says the opposite.

Role in the Plot

Episode 7 - Japari Library

Northern White-Faced Owl was first seen in the forest along with Eurasian Eagle-Owl, spying on Kaban, Serval, and Lucky as they were traveling to the Library. It is implied that they set up the blockade in the road which forced the three to take a detour into the Quiz Forest. Northern White-Face Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl met them outside the Library after they completed the quiz and challenged them to cook a satisfying meal in exchange for an answer regarding Kaban's true identity. The owls explained themselves to being bored with Japari buns and that the meal would give them the energy to remember the information they need. In actuality, they were curious about the taste of human cooking and deemed Kaban and Serval capable of making a meal due to their success in the quiz.

The owls provided Kaban and Serval with ingredients necessary to create a meal and facilities to prepare the ingredients. The owls spectated them as the challenge progressed; amongst themselves, they determined that Kaban must be human due to her ability to read and understand the cookbooks.

After the challenge, the owls declared that Kaban and Serval have passed (despite their initial disgust at the spiciness of their dish) and answered that Kaban is indeed human and gave them a short description of human characteristics. They also revealed that the 'relics' and buildings in the park were built by humans. When Serval informs them that she and Kaban were attempting to find where other humans live, the owls revealed that they all suddenly disappeared from the park a long time ago due to mysterious circumstances. The owls advised Kaban and Serval to search for environments habitable to humans, mentioning that it is possible that they all moved to a yet-unknown area. The owls then give them their promised 'bonus prize': two VIP tickets to the PPP comeback concert.

The owls see the heroines off before they travel to the waterfront. Before they leave, they warn them that Ceruleans were commonly observed to appear near humans, imploring them to run away immediately if they see one.

Episode 9 - Snowy Mountains Area

Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl encounter Fennec Fox and Raccoon, who warned them about Kaban's next destination near the Restricted Area.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl lead the collective effort to help Serval against the Black Cerulean. They were responsible for rounding up the Friends that Kaban and Serval met during their adventures. They also attended the party celebrating Kaban's return.


Eurasian Eagle-Owl

Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl are virtually inseparable; they act and talk almost identically to each other, share the same knowledge, cooperate in all their activities, and even perform all of their conversations with other Friends in tandem. They are rarely (if ever) depicted alone or apart in the anime.

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