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Crested Porcupine

Crested PorcupineAnime.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Momo Ishibashi
First Appearance: Episode 6
Home Area: Plains
Associated Characters: Moose
Has Promotional Video: No
Crested Porcupine Anime Festival Nexon Game

Crested Porcupine is a Friend who first appeared in Episode 6 - Plains. She is a member of Moose's army.


Crested Porcupine is a polite and dutiful member of Moose's army. In spite of her leader's numerous defeats and failed strategies (or lack thereof), she remains fiercely loyal and believes in Moose's ultimate victory.

Role in the Plot

Episode 6 - Plains

As one of the soldiers of Moose's "army", Crested Porcupine has apparently been following her into battle loyally despite defeat after defeat at the hands of Lion's forces. She is met with the rest of her battle companions by Kaban and Serval when the two are sent undercover to help end the feud between the two leaders.

Despite apparently being a soldier, Crested Porcupine is never actually seen fighting, and instead plays the role of referee between the other members of Moose's army during practice matches, including those involving Moose herself. She oversees the practice matches between Giant Armadillo and Moose, White Rhinoceros and Serval and Panther Chameleon and Kaban, declaring the victors in each one.

She is mostly absent for the remainder of the episode, including the final battle between the two armies, but apparently helps to hold up the "head" of the Moose decoy used to fool Lion's army. Crested Porcupine also appears in the final scene of the episode, witnessing peace being made by Lion and Moose following their first-ever draw and seeing Kaban and Serval off before they leave the Plains.



Crested Porcupine is apparently loyal to Moose, following her into battle loyally despite dozens of defeats at the hands of Lion.


  • Despite being covered in sharp quills that could easily pop balloons or other inflateable objects, Crested Porcupine's special animalian powers are not figured into Kaban's battle strategy against Lion whatsoever. She is instead relegated to the unspectacular duty of propping up a decoy.
  • Her title card erroneously labels her as "African Porcupine" in English. This was later rectified in the fifth official Kemono Friends guidebook, which called the species and Friend by her proper name.
  • Crested Porcupine adds an exaggerated ですぅ ("desuu") to the ends of most of her sentences as a polite-sounding but awkward verbal tic.
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