Episode 3 - Mountain

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Episode 3 - Mountain

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Episode Data
Japanese Title: こうざん (Kōzan)
Broadcast Date: January 24th, 2017
Animal Introductions: Crested Ibis, Suri Alpaca
Previous Episode: Episode 2 - Jungle Area
Next Episode: Episode 4 - Desert Area

Mountain (Japanese : こうざん; Hepburn: Kōzan) is the third episode of the Kemono Friends anime series. It introduces Crested Ibis and Suri Alpaca.


While Asian Small-Clawed Otter and Jaguar stay behind to watch the Japari Bus, Kaban and Serval follow Lucky to the Japari Café. Leading them to a ropeway connected to the top of the mountain, he ends up unable to find a tram car that crosses the canyon. While Serval considers climbing the side of the mountain, a bird Friend lands on the ropeway and begins to sing, looking for friends. Kaban is amazed by the performance, but Serval ends up with a headache.

Introduction of the new Friend Japanese Crested Ibis

The new Friend introduces herself as Crested Ibis and asks what they are doing. Serval and Kaban explain that they were trying to reach the top of the mountain, so Crested Ibis offers to carry one of them up during her flight. Harnessing herself to Crested Ibis, Kaban places Boss inside her bag before they take off. Serval decides to climb the mountain.

As Crested Ibis takes off into the air, Kaban finds herself enjoys the feeling of flying. Crested Ibis mentions how flying is a lot easier as a Friend than a regular animal. During the flight, Boss activates, and begins giving Kaban information about the Japanese crested ibis. Crested Ibis doesn't realize that Boss is talking, and is impressed by "Kaban's" knowledge of her, touched that she has a fan. However, she becomes offended when Boss refers to her call as throaty and annoying. Kaban hurriedly assures her she didn't say it and that she loves her singing.

Taking a break, Kaban and Crested Ibis rest on a pole partially up the mountain to eat Japari buns. Crested Ibis comments that the food tastes better at high altitudes, and begins to sing a song. Wondering if she can improve her singing voice, she asks Kaban for advice. Meanwhile, Serval is having difficulty scaling the mountain. She starts climbing faster when she encounters a tree she can grab on to, but falls when a root snaps, forcing her to start over.

Introduction of the new Friend Suri Alpaca who greets Kaban and Japanese Crested Ibis in her café

Kaban and Crested Ibis reach the top and enter the café. They are enthusiastically greeted by Suri Alpaca, who is excited to have customers. However, Kaban declines her offer for tea, explaining that they need a place to charge the Bus' battery. Alpaca leads the group to the roof where they start charging the battery. With the power to the café is cut, they talk to pass the time. Alpaca mentions that she never gets any customers, and Crested Ibis comments that it must be because no one knows where it's located. Thinking of a way to attract customers, Kaban tells the group to head outside. She asks the group to pull up the grass in a specific pattern. When they are done, Ibis carries Alpaca up so they can both view the final product. Alpaca is delighted to see a large sign shaped like a cup of tea carved out of the grass, pointing to the café.

Serval finally arrives at the top of the mountain, exhausted from the climb. Reunited, they all enter the café together. Once the battery is fully charged, power is restored. Alpaca now happily treats her visitors to a cup of tea while Crested Ibis sings her song once again in commemoration. The tea warms her throat and her singing improves dramatically. Crested Ibis promises to visit the café more often. Kaban and Serval bid farewell and ride the ropeway to the bottom of the mountain. As Crested Ibis and Alpaca return to the café, Scarlet Ibis stops by, noticing the sign and the other ibis' singing.

Otter and Jaguar greet Kaban and Serval when they return. Reinserting the battery, Boss successfully starts up the bus while the Friends watch in anticipation. After playing around, Kaban and Serval board the bus and wave goodbye to Otter and Jaguar. As Boss drives them to the Desert Area, Serval tells Kaban about her difficult journey up the mountain.

Meanwhile, Fennec Fox and Raccoon try to catch up with Kaban, asking Hippopotamus for directions.

Major Events

Kaban and Serval meet Crested Ibis and Suri Alpaca.

Kaban helps Alpaca by finding a way to advertise the Japari Café.

The battery is recharged, and the Bus successfully starts its engine.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Ep3glitch.PNG
    At time mark 19:13, just as Scarlet Ibis comes into shot, an animation glitch can be seen with Suri Alpaca and Crested Ibis wherein their models start stretching out as they are walking.
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