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African Wild Dog

African Wild DogAnime.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Rika Tachibana
First Appearance: Episode 11
Home Area: Restricted Area
Associated Characters: Brown Bear, Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey
Has Promotional Video: No
African Wild Dog Anime Manga Pavilion Nexon Game

African Wild Dog is a Cerulean huntress who first appeared in Episode 11 - Cerulean of the Kemono Friends anime.


African Wild Dog has the sense of observation and can easily analyze a situation to help the others and can also premeditated a danger nearby her.

Role in the Plot

Episode 11 - Cerulean

African Wild Dog first appears when she has to assault the Black Cerulean with the assistance of Brown Bear and Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey. However, they retreat together to escape their enemy and to establish a plan against it along with the others.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

African Wild Dog and the others save Serval from the accident, she guards the ship with Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey until the Black Cerulean get attracted by it. She assists at the scene when Kaban regain her initial form, She is also seen searching for Lucky's remains and later participating in Kaban's party.


Brown Bear

Brown Bear is the hunting companion of African Wild Dog.

Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey is the hunting companion of African Wild Dog.

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