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Friend Data
Voiced by: Mariko Kouda (JP)
Hayden Daviau (EN)
First Appearance: Episode 6
Home Area: Plains
Associated Characters: Lion, Giant Armadillo, Crested Porcupine, White Rhinoceros, Shoebill, Panther Chameleon
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Moose Anime Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery
Kyushu OwlNexonIcon.png
"Ah, how sad..."
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Moose is a major Friend who appeared in Episode 6 - Plains of the Kemono Friends anime.


Moose is a simple minded friend. Easily delighted by others capability. Prefer to fight foes head on. She takes the competition between her and Lion seriously. Moose can easily inspire her allies with her positive attitude, although she is often thick headed.

Role in the Plot

Episode 6 - Plains

Moose first appear when Kaban and Serval join her army for the next fight against Lion and her bodyguards, she encouraged her troop and proposed them to have a basic training before the war start, fighting Giant Armadillo as a first opponent, but win the fight with a single blow. During the great battle, Moose traces her path with the help of Panther Chameleon who defeats Japanese Black Bear, she finally meets Lion face to face for a duel which finishes in a draw. At the end of the episode,she returns to the others and announce the end of the fight with Lion, laughing from the conflict they had.

Episode 7 - Japari Library

Moose give the directions to head at the Japari Library for Kaban and Serval.

Episode 8 - PPP Live

Moose meets Raccoon and Fennec Fox.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Moose is led to the Black Cerulean trough the sky along with Lion. At the end of the Episode, she participate at party, she admire Jaguar's arms during it and demand her a duel like "the good old days".



Moose and Lion seems to be close friends but also as a enemies, they form their army and fight each other, but they do it more as a game than a serious war.


  • Ironically her voice actress shares the same first name as her arch enemy, Lion. Being Mariko Kouda for Moose and Mariko Honda for Lion respectably.
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