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Sand Cat

Sand CatAnime.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Mewhan
First Appearance: Episode 4
Home Area: Desert
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Sand Cat Anime Festival Pavilion Nexon Game Gallery

Sand Cat appeared as a major character in Episode 4 - Desert Area, found in the Desert.


Sand Cat is shown to have a very curious personality, often finding interest in various things, though also losing interest just as quick once her curiosity has been sated.

Role in the Plot

Episode 4 - Desert Area

Sand Cat enters the scene landing on Serval's head after being launched out of a sandstorm that she approached out of curiosity. After helping Kaban and Serval get the Japari Bus out of the sand, Sand Cat joins them on their bus ride through the desert. The desert heat becomes too much for Kaban and Serval so Sand Cat invites them over to her home.

The three friends stop by Sand Cat's cave and eat some japari buns. Lucky warns them, saying the desert will be extremely cold during the night, which worries the group. Sand Cat recommends that they leave through the hole in the back of her home. Sand Cat digs out the sand that was barricading the path, allowing the bus to get through. Sand Cat announces that she would stay behind since she's tired and her curiosity has been sated.

Episode 6 - Plains

Sand Cat discovers the exit area of the labyrinth along with Raccoon and Fennec Fox and tells them that Kaban has gone through the area

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Sand Cat appears in the fight against the Black Cerulean, digging out the ground beneath one of it's legs with the assistance of Fennec and Black-Tailed Prairie Dog along with the instructions from North American Beaver.

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