S1E11: Cellien

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Episode 11 - Cellien


せるりあん (Serurian)
Episode Data
Air Date March 21, 2017
Introductions Brown Bear, African Wild Dog
Previous Episode 10 - Lodge
Next Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Cellien (Japanese: せるりあん; Hepburn: Serurian) is the eleventh episode of the Kemono Friends anime's first season. It introduces Brown Bear, Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey and African Wild Dog.


Picking up from where Episode 10 - Lodge left off, Kaban and Serval move towards the mountain to investigate a loud noise, spotting a large, round, black Cellien, which chases and corners the duo. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey arrives from the back and defeats the Cellien in a single blow. The three of them introduce themselves to each other, with Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey constantly reminding them to be careful. Lucky Beast requests Kaban to "survey the situation". Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, tells them to hide whenever they are done.

The three start walking, and Kaban asks what happens if a Cellien eats you. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey remarks that to say that it causes death is an exaggeration, while Serval continues by warning that the victims can no longer talk and forget about other Friends. Serval, then, wonders why Celliens go after Friends, to which Monkey replies comments that there are rumors that Celliens eat Sandstar. Ever cautious, Monkey tells them that, regardless of the reason, the best option is to flee. The three spot a large set footprints on the ground, which Monkey claims to belong to a Cellien they are hunting. Brown Bear comes in from a bush, startling Kaban, prompting her catchphrase "don't eat me". Bear and Monkey start commenting that they've defeated the Celliens they were chasing, and Monkey mentions that it was hard to believe that fragments of a Cellien could move, too. Serval is surprised to know the monster that cornered them was merely a fragment, causing Bear to brag that it isn't the largest they've handled. Bear asks where the main Cellien is, and Monkey mentions African Wild Dog is tracking it.

The ground shakes. A Sandstar eruption in the mountain starts. Monkey says these have been frequent recently. Lucky Beast starts letting out alert noises and lights, mentioning that Sandstar Raw concentration is high and a large eruption is imminent. Bear and Monkey set off to find and fight the Cellien. Serval offers help, but Bear shuts her down, saying she could not handle a single fragment and she would weight them down. Monkey apologizes for Bear, and the group splits up. Lucky Beast says he will check the mountain and leaves too, but Kaban and Serval quickly go after him. As they climb, they remember that Mirai's recording mentioned something in the mountain earlier, and that the Cellien footprints start near the top. Serval also notes the footprints get smaller as they climb.

Switching back to Bear and Monkey, Monkey mentions Bear could've been more gentle, and also that she thinks Bear was rude because she was worried about them. Monkey notes the footprints are getting bigger. African Wild Dog shows up - they've finally encountered the Cellien again. African Wild Dog mentions that it's huge size might cause it to perish on it's own if it doesn't eat enough Sandstar. Bear notes that Celliens might change shapes, so, to be safe, the trio of Cellien Hunter engage on spot. Bear tells the rest of the team to use their Wild Release from the start.

Back at Kaban, Serval and Lucky, Serval requests a pause from climbing. Kaban mentions there is something different about this Cellien. Lucky Beast plays another recording from Mirai, mentioning the Black Cellien was getting energy from the mountain, and that the "filter" on the mountain needed to be re-affixed. Mirai also mentions her group managed to line up the Four Gods and that she's descending the mountain to fight the beast, because even though every Friend has already been evacuated, she couldn't leave the monster on the island. Cutting back to the Hunters, Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey appears knocked out, while Brown Bear and African Wild dog are panting, nearly exhausted. The Cellien's weak spot is revealed and the two remaining combatants prepare to strike it, as the Cellien raises his leg. Back at Kaban & Serval, Mirai's recording mentions that it didn't matter how many times it was attacked, the Cellien would absorb Sandstar Raw to heal itself, as well that it seemed to move in the sun's direction, while disliking the ocean. Mirai, then, calls for Caracal and Serval, then mentions the Four Gods are located near the "valuable thing" she mentioned before, as the recording stops. Serval shows confusion, and a loud noise is heard from the base of the mountain. The two spot the Cellien fighting the Hunters. Serval wants to help them, but Kaban says she think they should go to the peak of the mountain first.

At the peak, they see both crystals of normal Sandstar and black flakes of Sandstar Raw leaving the volcano. Kaban says that, if the recordings are true, the "Four Gods" should be around, and they start searching the spot. Raccoon finally catches up to Kaban, jumping on her from behind. As they both fall to the ground, Fennec Fox arrives, Raccoon accused Kaban of being a hat thief and takes her hat. Serval comes to her defense, saying she wouldn't steal. Raccoon attaches a red feather to the hat and Serval comes to Kaban to help her get up. Only after Serval mentions Kaban's name, Raccoon realises that the Kaban she's been hearing of throught her chase is the "hat thief" she was chasing. Fennec points out it was a misunderstanding, and after some resistance, Raccoon gives Kaban her hat back and apologizes. Mirai's recording starts again, mentioning the locations of the Four Gods' tablets and their directions, and that if it is indeed filtering Sandstar Raw, it is the island's treasure. Fennec, used to getting lost while following Raccoon, quickly lectures Kaban on cardinal directions. The four of them look for the statues and find three of them. Kaban associates that the fourth one being missing might be the cause of the Sandstar Raw eruptions. She notice a sliver of land not belonging to the island on the map, then lowers the map from her view to spot land on the distance. She soon dismisses it to focus on finding the last tablet again.

The Hunters, still fighting the Cellien, start to notice odd behavior from their enemy. Sandstar Raw pours out of the volcano at an accelerated pace, and the Cellien heals some of it's damage and grows much larger. The stone, it's weak point, is covered. Brown Bear tries to strike quickly, but it's too late - the attack is deflected by the Cellien's hard body. At the mountain, Raccoon and Fennec finally find the last tablet. Lucky starts alerting once more about large amounts of Sandstar Raw, warning of a colossal Cellien's imminent appearance and making a call for park staff to evacuate, mentioning Sunrise Harbor as the nearest evacuation point. Kaban tries to comfort it, but Lucky rejects, saying that the safety of visitors is above all else. Kaban says she is not a visitor, and she will do whatever she can for the Friends. She picks up Mirai's hat and wears it. Lucky sets Kaban as a "temporary Park Guide", albeit not without telling her to run if it gets too dangerous. Raccoon, Fennec and Serval dig up a tablet with a turtle inscription on it. After the Friends put the tablet up, the filter affixes itself, and the Black Cellien stops healing and growing. It's attack is also interrupted as it starts moving towards the sunset. The Hunters cherish the pause briefly, but Bear is quick to point out the Cellien is still endangering many friends. The Bus arrives, with Serval calling for Bear and Monkey.

Kaban, Serval, Raccoon, Fennec, Lucky and the Hunters all convene at a firepit to come up with a plan to fight the Cellien. Kaban believes the Cellien follows light and suggests they bait the Cellien with the Bus's headlights towards the ocean at night, and using fire to lure it if it loses sight of the Bus. All Friends except Brown Bear are startled by fire, so Bear naturally takes responsability. Kaban tells them to run away when they reach the coast, and that she plans on luring the Cellien to the boat, causing it to sink along with it. Fennec and Raccoon compliment the plan, but Serval says she can't do that, else she will no longer have the boat to look for other humans, but Kaban deflects by saying everyone's safety comes first. Kaban tells Raccoon and Fennec to lead nearby Friends away from danger when the plan is set in motion. Monkey is ashamed due to involving all of them in the battle despite not being Hunters, to which Fennec counters by saying that, when the Park is in danger, everyone must work together. Serval thanks the Hunters for defending them from behind the scenes.

Cutting to the night, Kaban, Serval and Lucky, with only the detached front part of the bus, turn on the headlights, drawing the Cellien's attention. Lucky starts moving the Bus backwards with the headlights pointed at the monster, as Brown Bear watches the whole ordeal from some distance. The Cellien attempts to attack the bus by releasing fragments of itself, but Lucky dodges them. A tree branch gets stuck in the wheels, however, causing the Bus to slow down and stop. With some effort, Lucky gets it unstuck and dodges a step from the Cellien, but the Cellien responds by knocking his body on the ground, the impact causing the Bus to lose control, hitting a tree and flipping. The Cellien prepares to strike the trio, but Serval catches and tosses Kaban and Lucky away in a last-minute move before being hit by the attack. Kaban then sees Serval inside the Cellien's leg and is shocked for a moment. She wants to try and fight back the Cellien, but Bear stops her, reminding her of the plan, saying they should stick to it to prevent more casualties, and that charging at it would be a waste of her sacrifice. They recompose. Bear takes Lucky and lights up a torch to draw the Cellien's attention, Lucky's eyes flash in multiple colors.

Kaban, however, decides to change the plan a bit - she runs towards the Cellien and puts up most of the skills she learned through the series to use. She quickly builds a rope and attaches it to her chest and a tree, then attempts to climb the tree, falling several times when close to her goal. She sees Serval inside the Cellien one more time. Mimicking Serval, Kaban yells "Myamyamya" repeatedly to encourage herself to climb and reaches a branch, From the branch, she jumps into the Cellien, diving into it's body, and swims in there all the way to Serval, picking her up and then returning through the rope she had attached, succesfully rescuing Serval, but she doesn't wake up. Realising she cannot run away carrying Serval, Kaban lights up a torch and lures the Cellien away from Serval. She lets out several words of gratitude towards Serval for helping and believing her, as the Cellien prepares to smite Kaban. Kaban, then, finishes with "Thank you. Be well.", as the Cellien strikes her and the ending plays.

In the PPP Preview, none of the Penguins are there, the stage seems far more derelict, and all that is said is "Next time: Amusement Park".

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