S1E12: Amusement Park

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Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Episode 12 - Amusement Park.jpg

ゆうえんち (Yūenchi)
Episode Data
Air Date March 28, 2017
Previous Episode 11 - Cellien
Next Episode 12.1 - Bus-Like

Amusement Park (Japanese: ゆうえんち Hepburn: Yūenchi) is the twelfth episode of the Kemono Friends anime series, and the finale of the first season.


Episode 12 starts with Serval waking up on the docks near the boat, with the help of Brown Bear, followed by Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey and African Wild Dog. Serval wonders where Kaban is, and Monkey reveals that she has been eaten by a Cellien when she saved Serval from it. Bear says she found her inside the Black Cellien and Serval on the ground, that there was nothing she could do, and that at this point, she has likely been digested. Serval rejects that and demands that they go save her, but the Cellien Hunter say they have to defeat the Cellien before it's too late. Bear tells Serval to give up, but Lucky Beast joins in on the conversation and requests that Serval and Brown Bear go save Kaban. The Friends find it weird that Boss is talking in Kaban's absence, to which Lucky answers that he is allowed to talk to Friends when a human is in danger, and tells them to lure the Cellien to the boat. Serval and Bear finally set out, and Lucky says he had fun in his travels with Kaban and Serval.

The duo finds the Cellien and spot Kaban inside of it. They attack the leg together, but fail to apply significant damage. Kaban's bag falls from the Cellien's body, which leads Serval to start attacking it's legs in a frenzy, again to no avail. Serval grabs onto the leg, demanding the monster to return her friend. Suddenly, two slashing attacks hit the Cellien's upper body, as Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl arrive to the scenes, but their attacks also seem to fail. The owls reveal that Lucky had sent a signal to all other Lucky Beasts in the island, to warn all Friends to congregate for the battle. The owls continue to attack, but again, with little success. After a small speech, the owls proceed to say "you will now release your wild sides".

The opening theme of the season starts playing, all major Friends and some of minor Friends met along the journey joins in for the final conflict. Raccoon, Otter and Giraffe grapple one of it's legs, as Hippo and PPP attack other legs. Wolf and Jaguar appear from a bush, claws shining, and slash the Cellien's lower body. Margay imitates the monster's cry, confusing it, as it puts down it's leg into a pitfall trap built by Fennec, Sandcat and Prairie Dog under Beaver's instructions. Crested Ibis and Campo Flicker arrive, carrying Lion and Moose, dropping them onto the Cellien as they dish further hits. Alpaca, Silver Fox and Ezo Red Fox drop water onto one of it's legs as per Tsuchinoko's instructions, who had theorized the beast was composed of volcanic rock; it's leg solidifies into stone. They run off to gather more water, and Brown Bear charges towards it, is propelled upwards by Monkey and African Wild Dog, and smashes through its leg containing Kaban. As the Cellien prepares to attack again, Serval throws a paper airplane on fire to distract it, allowing the Friends to run away with what was left of Kaban.

In a nearby creek, the Friends watch, on a sad tone, as Kaban slowly reverts to her original animal form. However, because she's human, Kaban returns to her normal state, albeit with parts of her clothing disappearing due to the loss of Kemonoplasm. Serval, unsure if she maintained her memories, asks what was the first thing she said when they met, to which Kaban answers "please don't eat me", confirming no memory loss happened. They hug, and then go check on the boat. The Black Cellien stepped into the boat, causing it to sink with Lucky and the monster alike. The Cellien is turned into rocks, and Lucky is appearently lost. After a long search, they find a Lucky Beast, which turns out to be a different one. They're initially sad, but Kaban spots several remaining parts of their Lucky on the sand, including it's modules that enable it's speech and memory, and it says "Hello, Kaban!". Serval, startled, throws it into the water, but it's soon recovered.

A month later, all of the major Friends who joined in the battle are partying, with Bear cooking for the owls and Alpaca serving tea around. Margay watches as Crested Ibis and Scarlet Ibis sing together with PPP, Otter and Prairie Dog play around, while Lion and Ezo Red Fox lazy around. Serval and Kaban arrive, and Lucky, now turned into a watch, mentions that they're now in an Amusement park. Princess announces that it's the one month anniversary of the defeat of the Black Cellien and Kaban discovering her identity, and congratulates Kaban, who then say it was all thanks to the Friends. Kaban says she doesn't remember how it felt to be engulfed by the Cellien, and announces to everyone that she is, indeed, a human, yet she still doesn't know what territory humans live in, and wants to find out. The speech is interrupted by the owls, annoyed it's taking too long to get to the food. Everyone just decides to stop and go eat.

Otter and Prairie Dog start playing with the attractions, and Moose surprises Jaguar by challenging her to arm wrestling. Wolf shares her Giro Giro manga with Beaver and Ezo Red Fox. Lion suggests cooking a Japari Bun, and Campo Flicker mentions she'd like to put those on the lodge's menu. Raccoon finally explains her side of the story with the hat - she was chasing the hat on the day of the eruption, and a shadow emerged from inside it. Tsuchinoko mentions it seems that hair turning into Friends is a pattern. Silver Fox mentions that it seems that humans have aggressively attempted to defeat the Celliens, to which the Professor deducts to be why humans were always near them. African Wild Dog asks about Boss, and Serval replies that he's "small, but fine" after having been turned into a watch, but complains that he no longer talks to her. Sandcat asks, doubtfully, if he really did talk to Serval, to which Serval said Lucky can only talk to her when a human is threatened. Kaban suggests that Serval playfully threaten to eat her, to which Serval asks why, and Kaban asks her to just roll with it; once done, Lucky finally speaks up, to alert Serval not to eat Kaban, proving Serval's point.

Sitting in a bench, Serval and Kaban start talking, and Kaban apologizes for making Serval leave and not return to the Savanna, to which Serval answers it's fine, and she enjoyed tying the loose ends. Kaban says it was a good thing they had a boat, and didn't know how could have they done anything about it if not. Serval, somewhat guilty, asks if she wanted to go out into the ocean and find out more, to which Kaban replied yes, but said it was fine since she made many new friends already, and the world can wait. Serval looks sideways and spots Fennec signaling something. Serval suggests to take Kaban for a ride in the ferris wheel, to which Kaban reluctantly agrees, asking if it's safe. Serval says it's fine, and immediately after that another cabin on the wheel drops into the ground, but they remain seated.

During the ride, the Lucky watch starts another hologram of Mirai-san, saying she's sad that she couldn't save the park, but happy for the memories she made, and that she had to go through the wheel one last time. She tells her Lucky to take care of things, and her hat flies away. As the ride ends, Fennec and Raccoon come near and tell Kaban they have something for her, and they unveal a repaired front part of the Japari Bus, with a bowl on the back and logs on the side. Happily surprised, Kaban asks if Serval knew about it, to which she replies that she took part in it, and names some other Friends involved in it. As they talk, several Friends push the repaired bus towards the water, which shocks Kaban at first, but when it hits the water, it succesfully floats. Kaban realises it's purpose: a replacement boat, and hugs Serval in gratitude.

The Friends gather around the docks to bid farewell to Kaban. Serval tells her to take care, holding her hat, which Kaban gave her to keep. Kaban thanks everyone. The Friends start to individually talk - Bear says she saved the Park, Campo Flicker tells her to sleep often and well, Silver Fox says they learned a lot from her. Margay says she has her dream job thanks to Kaban, and the professor says they know she'll be fine. Lion tells her to take it easy, Moose tells her to keep going, and Crested Ibis wonders if she'll really be okay. Kaban says that she doesn't know where she's going, how it's like, or if it even exists, and therefore can't invite any of them, but promises she'll come back with something fun or delicious. To appease everyone's worries, Kaban climbs up a tree, mimicking Serval's "Myas" while doing so, then climbs it down - the Friends clap their hands to her, and Kaban states them all taught her how to find food, sleep safely and climb trees, tearfully saying that she'll be fine.

Kaban finally moves towards the pier, boards the bus-turned-boat, and with Lucky's help, manages to make it move and steer. The Friends wave to hear, and she waves back and honks the bus' horn, finally leaving. The Friends start moving away from the pier, Serval doing so particularly slowly. Soon after, a bus-like object making pedal noises leaves the pier from the side, with Serval's tall ears being visible from the outside.

Cutting to Kaban, she spots land, and asks Lucky if the land she sees has a name, and Lucky responds by calling it Gokoku Region, but alerting it's in a different jurisdiction and he doesn't know much about it, but like the Kyoshu Region they just left, it is consisted of multiple areas, and that it's possible that there are Friends there. Kaban continues to drift there, and the scene shifts to the credits.

As the credits end, Lucky alerts the bus has ran out of battery, and Kaban yells in surprise. The bus-like object, with Serval on it's watch, catches up and hits the back of the front part. Kaban, surprised, welcomes the arrival of Serval as well as some other Friends, name or appearance not shown. Serval says they wanted to accompany her for a while longer, and her conversation is crashed in by a third voice, wondering where they are going. Kaban asks what kind of Friend they are and Serval playfully says that they'll be friends as the episode ends.

Major Events

  • Kaban is saved from the Black Cellien, but loses the Kemonoplasm that composed parts of her clothing, notably the gloves and thigh-highs.
  • The Black Cellien is defeated .
  • Lucky is found just as a pendant and belt.
  • Aardwolf's animal form is shown near the Savanna Area's gate.
  • A party is held later to celebrate Kaban finding out what she is.
  • Parts of Kaban's Kemonoplasm regenerates between the battle and the party, and then some more between the party and her farewell, causing her clothing to regenerate.
  • Raccoon tells Kaban about her creation and how the chase started.
  • Implicitely, it's revealed that Kaban was born out of a strand of Mirai's hair in the hat.
  • Front of the bus is revealed to have been made into a boat.
  • Kaban leaves Japari Island in the rebuilt bus.
  • Serval, along with other Friends (which are unknown, possibly Raccoon and Fennec Fox) follow Kaban with the back of the bus, which was also made into a boat.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

Background Characters


  • Bear's weapon breaking
    At 3:05 you can see an animation left over in which Brown Bear's weapon can be seen to break while attacking the Giant Cellien
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