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New Zealand Giant Penguin

New Zealand Giant PenguinPavilion.png

Friend Data
April 25th, 2018
Sleep Pattern:
Materials Dropped:
Cold Stone
LB-III Line:
New Zealand Giant Penguin Anime Pavilion KF3 Gallery

New Zealand Giant Penguin is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Pavilion. She is the third Friend to have been added after Version 1.1.0, and the nineteenth Friend added overall.


Japanese English

コウテイ 「······」

“Doesn't 'giant' mean 'big'? Do I look like a bully? Am I good at baseball? No, no! I'm ordinary! It's just that everyone selfishly became small! Isn't that right, Koutei?"

Emperor Penguin: "... ...”

How to Encounter

On paper, Giant Penguin is difficult to encounter; her 3-star rateup is time-limited, and her 4-star rateup also attracts all 5 PPP members.

However, it is possible (though unconfirmed) that other PPP-associated items such as the Speaker and Stage Lighting may attract her. The player should experiment with these and other Waterfront items if none of her dedicated rateups can be acquired.

Unique Behavior

  • よっ! (Yo!) - Stands behind the Retro Mic with her hands raised and the bottom of her hair flaring outwards, before jumping on the spot and striking her signature pose upon landing. She then winks at the player, with a stylised quaver note appearing to her right.


New Zealand Giant Penguin's KemoTalks Kemotalk 010055001 01.png
Kemotalk ID Friends Involved Kemotalk ID Friends Involved Kemotalk ID Friends Involved Kemotalk ID Friends Involved
KemoTalk 742 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010025001 01.png KemoTalk 743 Kemotalk 010001001 01.png Kemotalk 010002001 01.png Kemotalk 010003001 01.png KemoTalk 744 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010024001 01.png KemoTalk 745 Kemotalk 010055001 01.png
KemoTalk 746 Kemotalk 010055001 01.png KemoTalk 747 Kemotalk 010055001 01.png KemoTalk 748 Kemotalk 010055001 01.png KemoTalk 749 Kemotalk 010055001 01.png
KemoTalk 765 Kemotalk 010054001 01.png KemoTalk 976 Kemotalk 010073001 01.png KemoTalk 990 Kemotalk 010076001 01.png KemoTalk 1277 Kemotalk 010076001 01.png Kemotalk 010099001 01.png
KemoTalk 1326 Kemotalk 010076001 01.png Kemotalk 010099001 01.png Kemotalk 010101001 01.png KemoTalk 1461 Kemotalk 010076001 01.png Kemotalk 010119001 01.png
Cameo Appearances
KemoTalk 1008 KemoTalk 1029 KemoTalk 1458
KemoTalk Icons
Kemotalk 010055001 01.png Kemotalk 010055001 02.png Kemotalk 010055001 03.png Kemotalk 010055001 04.png Kemotalk 010055001 05.png Kemotalk 010055001 06.png Kemotalk 010055001 07.png Kemotalk 010055001 08.png

Encounter Lines

Yamata No OrochiNexonIcon.png
"I'll hear what you have to say."
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"… … … … ♪"
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Line Japanese English
Line 1 やってるかぁー? {{{enencounterline1}}}
Line 2 しっしっしっし! {{{enencounterline2}}}
Line 3 ここらで一休みするかー。 {{{enencounterline3}}}
Line 4 よ! {{{enencounterline4}}}
Line 5 さて、他のところも見に行くか。 {{{enencounterline5}}}
Line 6 {{{jpencounterline6}}} {{{enencounterline6}}}
Level 100 {{{jp100line}}} {{{en100line}}}
Holiday Lines
Halloween 2018 よ!トリック・オア・トリート! {{{enholidayline1}}}
Christmas 2018 よ!メリー・クリスマス!
Yo! Merry Christmas!
It sounds really fun, heeheeheehee!
New Year's Day 2018-2019 よ!ハッピー・ニュー・イヤー!ま、なるようになるから、頑張りすぎんなよ {{{enholidayline3}}}


  • New Zealand Giant Penguin's description was given a minor change on 8/21/19: all instances of Latin characters were changed from full-width to half-width.

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