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This article will give an overview of important terms as they pertain to the new Kemono Friends mobile application, Kemono Friends Pavilion.

Archive Level

When the player encounters a Friend within the Pavilion, that Friend will gain experience points. Once a Friend reaches a certain amount, they will gain an Archive Level. This is typically accompanied with a small reward, such as Pikapika crystals.


An area is where the player can meet Friends. There are several areas in the game; the Savanna is available from the start, and others can be unlocked using Pavilicoins. Some Friends will only appear in specific areas.


Challenges are optional tasks the player can fulfil. There are four different kinds of challenges, and each one rewards the player once they're complete.


If the player places playthings and distributes Japari Buns within an area, a Friend may appear at a plaything. This is called an encounter.


Friends are animals who have been anthropomorphised into girls via Sandstar. The objective of Pavilion is to attract and observe Friends within areas.

Friends Archive

As the player encounters Friends, their statistics are logged within the Friends Archive. This keeps track of specific data of the Friend, such as how many times they've been encountered so far.

Japari Bun (Regular)

Japari Buns are essential for attracting Friends to arrive at an area. Regular Japari Buns will attract friends at a normal rate.

Japari Bun (Special)

Special Japari Buns work identically to Regular ones, except they attract Friends at an increased rate. These can be purchased using Pikapika crystals.


When specific Friends meet up in certain areas, they may talk to one another. This is known as KemoTalk, and up to five Friends can be involved in a conversation.

Lucky Beasts (Type 1)

Lucky Beast (Type 1) are small blue robotic assistants that feature throughout the Kemono Friends franchise. In Pavilion, they help distribute the Japari Buns.

Lucky Beasts (Type 3)

Lucky Beasts (Type 3) are small pink robotic assistants with wings, which debuted in Pavilion. It is currently unknown what their role is.


Pavilicoins are a currency in Pavilion, and can be earned by encountering Friends. These can be used to unlock new areas to meet Friends in.

Pikapika Crystals

Pikapika crystals are a currency in Pavilion, and can be earned by meeting Friends for the first time, leveling a Friend, or purchasing them using real-world money. These can be used in the Sandstar Printer to get playthings using a gacha system, or for purchasing Special Japari Buns.


Playthings are toys which the Friends play with during their stay in Pavilion. Players can get them either through crafting or via the Sandstar Printer. Each area can hold up to 10 playthings at once.

Raw Materials

Raw materials come in five different types: sturdy wood, soft cloth, cold stone, stretchy rubber, and rough steel. They're obtained by encountering Friends, and can be used to craft playthings.

Sandstar Printer

The Sandstar Printer can exchange 150 Pikapika crystals for a plaything, selected via a gacha system.

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