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Southern Rockhopper Penguin

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Friend Data
January 26th, 2018
Sleep Pattern:
Materials Dropped:
Soft Cloth
LB Line:
LB-III Line:
Southern Rockhopper Penguin Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Southern Rockhopper Penguin, also known as Rocker, is a Friend who appears in Kemono Friends Pavilion.


Rocker's personality is almost identical to her anime counterpart. The Kemotalks seem to reveal new aspects of her character, such as how she likes jumping and how she also has both a caring side and a more Tsundere-like side.


Japanese English


Its Japanese and English names both come from the sight of it leaping around. While its body is small, it is especially active, even for a penguin; and it has a highly vigilant and aggressive character.

""PPP"'s rock girl, Rocker, coming up! My red-hot feelings can't be beat by anyone! So today I'll keep on with my total rock explosion~! Hey, Hululu, you think this is the time to nap?!"

How to Encounter

Rocker is typically encountered at the Waterfront, similar to her fellow PPP members. She can also occasionally be encountered at other areas, presumably when the Speaker, Single Mic and both the Mini and Large Aquatic Stage Playthings are present. However, even without these Playthings, she still occasionally appears on other Playthings like the Bird Perch.

Unique Behavior

  • PPPダンス (PPP Dance) - Performs her part of the PPP Dance at the Speaker or Single Mic. This Unique Behavior is shared amongst all PPP members, but her dance moves are unique.


Southern Rockhopper Penguin's KemoTalks Kemotalk 010024001 01.png
Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved
40 Kemotalk 010002001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png 88 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png 94 Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png 101 Kemotalk 010032001 01.png
102 Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png 103 Kemotalk 010007001 01.png Kemotalk 010010001 01.png 138 Kemotalk 010002001 01.png 150 Kemotalk 010001001 01.png
160 Kemotalk 010003001 01.png Kemotalk 010013001 01.png 167 Kemotalk 010005001 01.png 186 Kemotalk 010009001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png 229 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png
232 Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png 239 Kemotalk 010022001 01.png 246 Kemotalk 010023001 01.png 249 Kemotalk 010002001 01.png Kemotalk 010003001 01.png
250 Kemotalk 010012001 01.png 251 Kemotalk 010005001 01.png 252 Kemotalk 010017001 01.png 253 Kemotalk 010036001 01.png
254 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010032001 01.png 278 Kemotalk 010036001 01.png 446 Kemotalk 010024001 01.png 447 Kemotalk 010024001 01.png
448 Kemotalk 010024001 01.png 449 Kemotalk 010024001 01.png 450 Kemotalk 010024001 01.png 451 Kemotalk 010024001 01.png
452 Kemotalk 010024001 01.png 537 Kemotalk 010033001 01.png 598 Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010039001 01.png 625 Kemotalk 010026001 01.png
675 Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010045001 01.png 739 Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010029001 01.png 744 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010055001 01.png 767 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010054001 01.png
797 Kemotalk 010007001 01.png Kemotalk 010034001 01.png 966 Kemotalk 010071001 01.png 987 Kemotalk 010075001 01.png Kemotalk 010054001 01.png 994 Kemotalk 010076001 01.png Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010021001 01.png
1066 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010083001 01.png 1247 Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010093001 01.png 1462 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010119001 01.png
Cameo Appearances
319 382 422 424 425 426 431 436
439 440 445 454 458 475 700 746
769 772 805 1007 1014 1046 1225 1282
KemoTalk Icons
Kemotalk 010024001 01.png Kemotalk 010024001 02.png Kemotalk 010024001 03.png Kemotalk 010024001 04.png Kemotalk 010024001 05.png Kemotalk 010024001 06.png Kemotalk 010024001 07.png Kemotalk 010024001 08.png

Encounter Lines

Yamata No OrochiNexonIcon.png
"I'll hear what you have to say."
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"… … … … ♪"
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Line Japanese English
Line 1 跳びはねたい気分だぜ! I feel like jumping!
Line 2 元気出していこうぜ! Cheer up!
Line 3 ロックだぜ! {{{enencounterline3}}}
Line 4 ロックにいくぜ~っ! {{{enencounterline4}}}
Line 5 {{{jpencounterline5}}} {{{enencounterline5}}}
Line 6 {{{jpencounterline6}}} {{{enencounterline6}}}
Level 100 1. イエーーーイッ!今日も明日もその次も、オレはいつでもロックふぁぜ!!
2. オレの熱いロックな魂は誰にも止められねーっ!······ごめん、プリンセス。静かにします。
Holiday Lines
Halloween 2018 ト、リ、ッ、ク、オ、ア、ト、リ、ィ、ト、だ、ぜーっ! {{{enholidayline1}}}
Christmas 2018 メリイィィィ、ク、リ、ス、マ、スーっ!
Merryyyyy, C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S!
Let's have some flashy fun!
New Year's Day 2018-2019 ハッピー!ニュー!イェーーー!!よくわかんねーけど、このままロックにいくぜーっ! Happy! New! Yeahhhh!! I don't really get it, but I'm gonna keep on rocking!


  • When spawned standing, Rockhopper will often hop on the spot; two short hops, then a higher hop. Although this animation is unique to her, it is not considered a Unique Behavior.

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