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Translation of the official Kemono Friends Pavilion guide, accessible here in Japanese.


About Areas

The savanna, mountains, and waterfront zones in Japari Park Pavilion are called 'areas'. There also appears to be other areas in addition to these three. In order to access an area other than the savanna, it must be restored first. Restoration requires Pavilicoins in order to perform it.


About Pavilicoins

Pavilicoins are required for performing certain actions, such as restoring areas within Japari Park Pavilion. You can have up to 999,999,999 Pavilicoins at once. They can be obtained by encountering Friends within the unlocked areas.


About Playthings

Each area can hold up to 10 playthings. Some playthings can only be placed in specific locations. You can own up to 99 playthings at any given time. Playthings can be crafted by using materials.


About Friends

A single area can hold up to 10 Friends at any given time. Should a Friend attempt to arrive at a full location, the Friend that first arrived in the area will leave to make room.

About Archive Levels

Archive levels measure how much information you have collected for each Friend. Encountering a Friend gains them Archive EXP, which increases their level. The maximum level currently possible is 99.

About Archive EXP

Archive EXP is an experience points system necessary for leveling up a Friend. Archive EXP is earned when a Friend is encountered in an area.


About Materials

There are 5 types of materials currently available: sturdy wood, soft cloth, cold stone, stretchy rubber, and rough steel. These can be used to craft playthings. You can obtain materials by encountering Friends in each area. You can have up to 999 of each material at once. (It is possible that the storage limit for materials will be increased in the future. We ask for your kind understanding.) You can check the number of materials you currently have in the Status tab of the Pavilion Level icon, located at the top left hand side of the menu.

SS (Sandstar) Printer

About SS (Sandstar) Printer

The SS (Sandstar) Printer allows you to create playthings by spending Pikapika. If the player attempts to create a plaything past the cap of 99, the crafted plaything is converted into rough steel. The amount of rough steel obtained from crafting depends on the rarity of the plaything created. For 3☆ playthings: 3 rough steel For 4☆ playthings: 15 rough steel It is possible that the types and counts of the materials obtained may change in the future. We ask for your kind understanding.


About Pikapika

Pikapika crystal counts are separated into paid Pikapika (which are purchased with real currency) and free Pikapika (which are obtained ingame as rewards) totals. Pikapika is used for the SS (Sandstar) Printer and for replenishing Special Japari Buns. You can have up to 999,999,999 Pikapika crystals at once. You can check the number of paid and free Pikapika crystals you have in Options -> Purchase Information.

About Purchasing Pikapika

The amount of Pikapika you can purchase each month varies depending on the age provided at age verification. Under 16: Up to 5,000 JPY per month 16-19: Up to 20,000 JPY per month 20 and older: No limit

Japari Buns

About Japari Buns

After you have placed playthings in an area, you can enounter Friends by distributing Japari Buns. Once you distribute Japari Buns, you cannot distribute them again for a period of time. When you leave an area, the Japari Buns that are currently being distributed in that area are lost.

About Special Japari Buns

By distributing Special Japari Buns, you can encounter even more Friends than by using regular Japari Buns. You can distribute Special Japari Buns by using Pikapika or by watching a short advertisement video. When you leave an area, the Japari Buns that are currently being distributed in that area are lost.

About Using Japari Buns Simultaneously

After you have placed playthings in an area, it is possible to distribute both Japari Buns and Special Japari Buns simultaneously.

Pavilion Level

About Pavilion Level

Pavilion level measures how much information you have collected in Japari Park Pavilion. You can gain pavilion EXP by encountering Friends, which increases your pavilion level up to a maximum of 99.

Pavilion EXP

About Pavilion EXP

Pavilion EXP is experience points needed to increase your pavilion level. You can gain pavilion EXP by encountering Friends in each area.


About Kemotalk

When a certain combination of Friends meet up in a specific area, they may engage in a conversation, or 'Kemotalk'. Once a Kemotalk has been read, can be viewed again at any time.


About Challenges

Competing a challenge nets the player a reward, such as free Pikapika. Challenges include:

  • Daily - Resets at midnight JST each day.
  • Encounters (Finds) - Challenges are set for each area. You cannot obtain rewards for challenges in an area you have not restored yet.
  • Areas
  • Friends

Present Box

About Present Expiration

Presents expire 60 days after you receive them and are automatically deleted.

About Present Storage

Presents are deleted when you exceed the present box storage limit of 99. The oldest present will be deleted first.

Username Changes

About Username Changes

You can change your username in the Status tab of the Pavilion Level icon on the top left hand side of the menu.

Save Data

About Save Data

Data is saved automatically ingame.

In Case of Accidentally Deleting the App

It is difficult to recover saved data should the app be deleted from the device. We ask for your kind understanding.

Data Transfer

About Data Transfer

You can transfer game data using the "Device Change" button, either on the title screen or within the Options menu. For more details, please refer to the Device Change Guide.

Data Reset

About Data Reset

Data cannot be reset for player-side reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience.


App does not start up / freezes

The game may not be playable when played on a device with a poor connection. Please retry at a different location that has a good signal. Also, refer to the following troubleshooting methods should they apply:

  • When too many apps are running simultaneously, and/or the device has not been rebooted for a long time, there may be insufficient memory to store the game. Please try closing some apps or rebooting your device.
  • There may be a server maintenance in progress. Be sure to check information on maintenance.
  • Your device may be unsupported. For a list of compatible devices, please refer to the official site.

Username does not display correctly

Please be aware that the game may not display your username correctly if it contains special characters or emoji. Also, inappropriate words may be filtered.

Lost items obtained ingame

We are very sorry about the inconvenience. We kindly ask that you contact us by accessing "Inquiries" or "Options -> Inquiries". Required Information:

  • E-mail address
  • Name
  • Player ID
  • App version
  • OS
  • OS version
  • Device model
  • Type of inquiry
  • Content of inquiry

We will investigate the issue as soon we receive the information. Please contact us within a period of 30 days after the item was lost. Outside of this time period, it becomes difficult to recover items. We ask for your kind understanding. It may take time to resolve the issue. We ask for your kind understanding.

Playing Overseas

About Playing Overseas

The app can be accessed while overseas. However, regardless of where you are, data is still sent and received ingame. Please be sure to check your device plan, as data roaming charges may occur if you are using a device with a domestic plan overseas. For more information, please contact your service provider for information on data roaming charges.


About Information Not Listed Here

If you have further questions, please contact us via "Inquiries" on the official site. You can also access "Options -> Inquiries" from the app.

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