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Charlotte - Head Librarian
This page details content that was never included in the game proper and therefore was never accessible to players without the use of datamining.

With the shutdown of Kemono Friends Pavilion on June 30th, 2021, many assets were left unused, teased features never implemented, and values remained unexplained. This page seeks to collect and document as much of this unused data as possible.

Unused Playthings

Several Playthings included in the game assets with version 1.00 went completely unused. They appear to have been in various stages of implementation, with some Playthings being near-complete, and others left unfinished. All of the unused Playthings, however, are listed as one-star Playthings, indicating that none of them were ready for addition to the game. It is unknown why these Playthings were never implemented.

ID Image Description Placement Area Notes
29 ToySmall Wooden House.png
Small Wooden House
[Translation missing]

Land Savanna This appears to have been the "Small" version of the Log Cabin, and would have presumably held only one Friend.
31 ToyBig Log House.png
Big Log House
[Translation missing]

Land Savanna. This appears to have been the "Large" version of the Log Cabin, and would have presumably held three Friends.
67 ToyTwin Banana Boat.png
Twin Banana Boat
[Translation missing]

Water Waterfront This appears to have been the "Large" version of the Small Banana Boat and Banana Boat, and would have presumably held three Friends.
87 ToyBus-Shaped Cardboard Box.png
Bus-Shaped Cardboard Box
[Translation missing]

Land Mountain While a Plaything based on the Season 1 Japari Bus was never implemented, a Plaything
based on the Nexon Game's Japari Bus eventually was: The Japari Bus Toy.
103 ToyBall Pool with Slide.png
Ball Pool with Slide
[Translation missing]

Land Savanna This appears to have been the "Large" version of the Ball Pit and Large Ball Pit (which would actually be the "Medium" size of the set), and would have presumably held three Friends.
122 ToyBig Stage.png
Big Stage
Plaything Description_Big Stage

Land Savanna This may have been intended to be the "Medium" version of the Aquatic Mini Stage and Large Aquatic Stage, however the thick base with the logo makes it a likely match for the Mini Stage with no known "Large" version of that set. This plaything presumably would have held two Friends. It is likely that the area and placement data for this Plaything uses placeholder values.
136 ToyDuo Mic.png
Duo Mic
Plaything Description_Duo Mic

Land Savanna This appears to have been the "Medium" sized version of the Single Mic, and would have presumably held two Friends. It is likely that the area and placement data for this Plaything uses placeholder values.
137 ToyTrio Mic.png
Trio Mic
Plaything Description_Trio Mic

Land Savanna This appears to have been the "Large" sized version of the Single Mic, and would have presumably held two Friends. It is likely that the area and placement data for this Plaything uses placeholder values.
150 ToyUnnamed ID0150.png
(None) (None) (None) This Plaything had no data associated with it, outside of a graphic and an internal ID number. It appears to have been the "Medium" version of the Small Pile of Rocks and Rocky Mountain, and would have presumably held two Friends.

In addition to these Playthings, the following IDs are gaps in the Plaything ID database, implying that they were either intentionally skipped or that an unused Plaything that was never included with the assets of the game occupied this value:
167, 217, 225, 146, 147, 148, 149, 251, 252, 527, 694, 696, 745, 756.

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