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What is the Transfer Code / Why is it important?

The 8-digit Device Transfer Code, along with your Player ID, are needed to access your Pavilion data from a different phone or device than the one it was originally installed on. This is also the only way to retrieve your game data in the event it is accidentally uninstalled, or if the device you play on is lost. If the data is lost accidentally you won't be able to find the code after the fact, so it is highly recommended to follow the steps on this page ahead of time if you have progress don't want to lose.

Because each code expires after 30 days, you should record your new one every month, to ensure you can back up your data in case it is lost.

Finding your Transfer Code

  1. Start by opening the main menu. From there, go to your Settings, which are in the top right corner next to the gear.
  2. Choose the button circled in the first image, directly above the Twitter button, and then hit the right button shown in the second picture. This will show you your ID and password.
  3. Your ID and password will be generated when you first access this window. The code can be used for 30 days before it expires. This screen will list the expiration date below the code. When the code's time limit expires, repeat this process to get a new code.
  4. Make sure you back-up your codes somewhere other than your mobile device. If you lose your transfer codes, you lose your Pavilion file. The best way to go about this is to write down both codes, or saving a screenshot of them on your computer, so you wont be able to forget them. Another method of saving your transfer codes is by emailing them to yourself.
    Note: Keep this back-up secure. If you save it as a screenshot, take care not to share it to others online. If another player knows both your Player ID and Transfer Code, they could access your data instead.
Menu 2nd try.png

The first button to press on the Settings menu

This shows your transfer stuff.png

The next button to press to display your codes

Transfer Code Example.png

A set of example ID and Transfer Code

Entering a Transfer Code

  1. New codes can be added from the main title screen. From there, select the button in the top right corner.
  2. You can now fill in your ID and Transfer Code as they were seen in the previous section.
  3. Tap OK and you are ready to continue your adventure!
Opening screen.png

The button to press on the main menu

Fill in code here.png

Enter your ID and Transfer Code here

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