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King Cobra

King CobraPavilion.png

Friend Data
April 11th, 2018
Sleep Pattern:
Materials Dropped:
Stretchy Rubber
LB-III Line:
King Cobra Anime Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game

King Cobra is a Friend who appears in Kemono Friends Pavilion. She is the first Friend to have been added after Version 1.1.0, and the seventeenth Friend added overall.


King Cobra retains her Nexon counterpart's maid-like inclination towards doing things at the request of other people, along with the blunt tone of speech meant to represent her commanding status in that game.


Japanese English



How to Encounter

King Cobra is difficult to find, with only her update items being known to spawn her reliably; the Large Metronome and the Colorful Xylophone, the former being a 4-star and the latter being time-limited. She does have a craftable rateup (Clay Pipe) but this is highly inefficient for grinding experience.

Unique Behavior


King Cobra's KemoTalks Kemotalk 010047001 01.png
Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved
720 Kemotalk 010031001 01.png 721 Kemotalk 010029001 01.png Kemotalk 010043001 01.png 722 Kemotalk 010032001 01.png Kemotalk 010037001 01.png Kemotalk 010046001 01.png 723 Kemotalk 010047001 01.png
724 Kemotalk 010047001 01.png 725 Kemotalk 010047001 01.png 726 Kemotalk 010047001 01.png 727 Kemotalk 010047001 01.png
733 Kemotalk 010011001 01.png Kemotalk 010029001 01.png Kemotalk 010048001 01.png 789 Kemotalk 010010001 01.png Kemotalk 010028001 01.png Kemotalk 010053001 01.png 826 Kemotalk 010062001 01.png 912 Kemotalk 010049001 01.png Kemotalk 010029001 01.png
1047 Kemotalk 010081001 01.png 1390 Kemotalk 010029001 01.png Kemotalk 010087001 01.png Kemotalk 010111001 01.png 1476 Kemotalk 010121001 01.png
Cameo Appearances
KemoTalk Icons
Kemotalk 010047001 01.png Kemotalk 010047001 02.png Kemotalk 010047001 03.png Kemotalk 010047001 04.png Kemotalk 010047001 05.png Kemotalk 010047001 06.png Kemotalk 010047001 07.png Kemotalk 010047001 08.png

Encounter Lines

Yamata No OrochiNexonIcon.png
"I'll hear what you have to say."
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"… … … … ♪"
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Line Japanese English
Line 1 頼みごとなら言ってみよ。遠慮するな。さあ! If you need a favour, let me know. Don't hold back - spit it out!
Line 2 なんだ?頼みごとなら聞くぞ。 What? If you need something, I'm all ears.
Line 3 うむ。それでいい。 Hm. That's fine.
Line 4 ならば私にまかせろ。 Well then, leave it to me.
Line 5 毒をもって毒をせいす、か。 ……どんな意味だ? "Fight poison with poison" huh ...what's meant by that?
Line 6 付き合ってほしいだと?とことん付き合うぞ! You wish to challenge me? Bring it on!
Level 100 {{{jp100line}}} {{{en100line}}}
Holiday Lines
Halloween 2018 トリック・オア・トリート、か。 {{{enholidayline1}}}
Christmas 2018 メリー・クリスマス、か。
Merry Christmas, huh.
Perhaps I should enjoy the people's events.
New Year's Day 2018-2019 明けましておめでとう、か。うん。
Happy New Year, huh. Mhm.
It seems the people are still living pleasant lives today.


  • King Cobra's description was changed on 8/21/19: "時" in the first line was changed to "とき", it's hiragana equivalent, and "5m" was changed from full-width to half-width characters.

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