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Friend Data
Implemented December 12th, 2018
Color Green
Sleep Pattern Diurnal
Materials Cold Stone
LB Line None
LB-III Line None
Capybara Anime Season 2 Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

Capybara is a Friend who appears in Kemono Friends Pavilion. She was added along with 6 other Friends in Version 1.6.0.


Japanese English


It is the largest species of rodent and is a proficient swimmer, with webbed paws on each limb. They are often seen in images of them bathing in hot springs in Japan, but since they originate from the warmer regions of South America, they seem to have a hard time with cold.

"I'm a capybara who likes three meals a day and hot springs. I think that going to a hot spring together is the happiest thing in the world nowadays. How about it? Would you like to come and bask in the warmth with us?"

How to Encounter

Capybara is the third-rarest of the Snowy Mountain friends, though in terms of playthings she is in the same boat as White Lion and Woolly Mammoth. Her two rateups, the Hot Spring Set and Yuzu Bunch, are non-craftable. While the Spring Set is more desirable due to having only 3 rateups, the Yuzu Bunch should not be overlooked due to its valuable Red-Eared Slider rateup.

Unique Behavior

よよよ〜 (???) - Hot Spring Set


Capybara's KemoTalks Kemotalk 010097001 01.png
Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved
1249 Kemotalk 010093001 01.png Kemotalk 010094001 01.png Kemotalk 010099001 01.png 1259 Kemotalk 010006001 01.png Kemotalk 010094001 01.png Kemotalk 010095001 01.png 1265 Kemotalk 010058001 01.png 1266 Kemotalk 010050001 01.png
1267 Kemotalk 010015001 01.png Kemotalk 010016001 01.png 1268 Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010083001 01.png 1269 Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010096001 01.png 1300 Kemotalk 010097001 01.png
1301 Kemotalk 010097001 01.png 1302 Kemotalk 010097001 01.png 1303 Kemotalk 010097001 01.png 1304 Kemotalk 010097001 01.png
1519 Kemotalk 010050001 01.png Kemotalk 010058001 01.png Kemotalk 010126001 01.png
Cameo Appearances
KemoTalk Icons
Kemotalk 010097001 01.png Kemotalk 010097001 02.png Kemotalk 010097001 03.png Kemotalk 010097001 04.png Kemotalk 010097001 05.png Kemotalk 010097001 06.png Kemotalk 010097001 07.png Kemotalk 010097001 08.png

Encounter Lines

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Line Japanese English
Line 1 あったかいのよよよ〜。 It's warm, warm, waaarmmm...
Line 2 ありがとうねねね……。 Thank youououou...
Line 3 寒いの苦手なのよね。 I don't like the cold.
Line 4 ゴワゴワ毛皮も湯上りには便利なのよ。 Ragged fur also comes in handy after a hot bath.
Line 5 ほんとはじゃんぐる育ちなのね。 I guess you really grew up in the jungle.
Line 6 {{{jpencounterline6}}} {{{enencounterline6}}}
Level 100 {{{jp100line}}} {{{en100line}}}
Holiday Lines
Christmas 2018 はわぁ~、メリー・クリスマスなのよよよ。温泉のクリスマスもおつなのねねね。 Wow, it's Merry Christmas! It's Christmas at the hot spring, too, isn't it?
New Year's Day 2018-2019 ほわぁ~······お湯の中から失礼して~、明けましておめでとうなのねねね。 Wooowww... excuse me from the hot water - Happy New Year!

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