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African Penguin

African PenguinPavilion.png

Friend Data
September 19th, 2018
Sleep Pattern:
Materials Dropped:
Cold Stone
LB-III Line:
African Penguin Pavilion KF3 KemoV

African Penguin is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Pavilion. She is the fifth Friend to have been added after Version 1.3.0 and the fifty-second Friend added overall.


Japanese English


The African penguin is a close relative of the Humboldt penguin that lives in relatively warm coastal areas. Compared to the Humboldt penguin, it can be distinguished by the somewhat thinner lines on its chest, narrower pink markings, and larger white facial markings. They are the only species of penguin in Africa, and wild specimens can be observed nearby at Boulders Beach in South Africa.

"Yahoo~! I can, like, swim a little bit faster than Hululu! I sing a little better than Hululu! I want to get a little bit stronger than Hululu, too! And, y'know, people say I look like Hululu, and that makes me so happy! 'Do you like Hululu that much'? Eh, really, me!?"

How to Encounter

The items added in African Penguin's update are the Stone Castle and the Pirate Ship.

Unique Behavior

  • パタパタダイブ (Flapping Dive) - Stands on the edge of the Stone Castle's parapet, then readies herself for a few moments before diving off the edge into the water below. After a second, she surfaces and does a pose.
  • いっしょに踊ろう! (???) - Super Unique Behavior, with Humboldt Penguin on the Tropical Penguin Stage.


African Penguin's KemoTalks Kemotalk 010083001 01.png
Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved Kemotalk Name Friends Involved
1063 Kemotalk 010082001 01.png 1064 Kemotalk 010022001 01.png 1065 Kemotalk 010051001 01.png Kemotalk 010075001 01.png 1066 Kemotalk 010020001 01.png Kemotalk 010021001 01.png Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010023001 01.png Kemotalk 010024001 01.png
1067 Kemotalk 010083001 01.png 1068 Kemotalk 010083001 01.png 1069 Kemotalk 010083001 01.png 1070 Kemotalk 010083001 01.png
1071 Kemotalk 010083001 01.png 1223 Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010032001 01.png Kemotalk 010090001 01.png 1268 Kemotalk 010022001 01.png Kemotalk 010097001 01.png 1460 Kemotalk 010119001 01.png
Cameo Appearances
KemoTalk Icons
Kemotalk 010083001 01.png Kemotalk 010083001 02.png Kemotalk 010083001 03.png Kemotalk 010083001 04.png Kemotalk 010083001 05.png Kemotalk 010083001 06.png Kemotalk 010083001 07.png Kemotalk 010083001 08.png

Encounter Lines

Yamata No OrochiNexonIcon.png
"I'll hear what you have to say."
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"… … … … ♪"
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Line Japanese English
Line 1 PPPってカッコイイよね! {{{enencounterline1}}}
Line 2 ちょっとだけお腹減っちゃったなー。 {{{enencounterline2}}}
Line 3 フルルに似てるって言われるの、すっごく嬉しいんだ! {{{enencounterline3}}}
Line 4 やっほー! {{{enencounterline4}}}
Line 5 どこかにいい枝落ちてないかな〜? {{{enencounterline5}}}
Line 6 {{{jpencounterline6}}} {{{enencounterline6}}}
Level 100 {{{jp100line}}} {{{en100line}}}
Holiday Lines
Halloween 2018 やっほー!トリック・オア・トリーだね! Yahoo~! Trick or treat!
Christmas 2018 やっほー!メリー・クリスマスだね! フルルにもメリー・クリスマスって言ってこよー。 Yahoo~! Merry Christmas! I'm gonna go say "Merry Christmas" to Hululu, too.
New Year's Day 2018-2019 やっほー!ハッピー・ニュー・イヤーなんだね!わたしも歌って踊っちゃおうかなー! Yahoo~! Happy New Year! Maybe I should join in on the singing and dancing!


  • African Penguin's description was given a minor change on 8/21/19, but the text was unaltered.

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