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Eurasian Eagle-Owl

Eurasian Eagle-OwlAnime.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Akari Uehara (JP)
Bryn Apprill (EN)
First Appearance: Episode 7
Home Area: Japari Library
Associated Characters: Nothern White-Faced Owl
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Eurasian Eagle-Owl Anime Season 2 Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game

Eurasian Eagle-Owl is a bird Friend who first appeared in Episode 7 - Japari Library of the Kemono Friends anime.


Eurasian Eagle-Owl also known as the assistant share personality traits with Northern White-Faced Owl, the professor. They are famous for their wide knowledge as a Friend. They proudly consider themselves as wise and get highly defensive when a Friend say the opposite.

Role in the Plot

Episode 7 - Japari Library

Eurasian Eagle-Owl first meets Kaban and Serval right outside the Library. As the assistant to professor Northern White-Faced Owl, she's reputable as one of the wisest Friends in Japari Park. They maintain the library and tend to help Friends with any questions that they might have, including about their identity, which Kaban was interested in learning about.

After hearing Kaban's request, the owls decide to help her, but under the condition that Kaban cooks good food for them, under a time limit. During the cooking, both Eurasian Eagle-Owl and Northern White-Faced Owl show fear of fire.

Kaban ends up making curry. The owls start eating it, albeit the spiciness scared them at first. It doesn't take long for Eurasian Eagle-Owl to take a second bite, however - and after that, both owls start eating it compulsively. They ultimately agree to answer Kaban's question.

Later, Northern White-Faced Owl tells Kaban that she is a human, which, to the professor's surprise, did not shock Kaban at all. The owls then tell Kaban of many human traits, that Japari Park was built by humans, and that Friends are simply animals turned into humans. Soon after, they also break the news that humans are long gone, either extinct or, at least, could not stay in Japari Park. The assistant alerts Serval that remaining outside of their home area reduces their lifespan, and they hand out a PPP Platinum Ticket that grants them access to their show, a present from the idol group after the owls assisted them with preparing a stage, but they are not interested in attending due to disliking noises.

When Kaban and Serval are about to depart, the assistant admits that she only made the two cook because they succesfully passed the quiz maze at the entrance of the library, stating that it signs the visitor can read. The owls alert Kaban and Serval that Celliens are often seen near humans, and hint that Serval would not be capable to protect Kaban as easily as Serval claimed. They bid farewell as the bus departs, and Eurasian Eagle-Owl states that she will be waiting for more food.

Episode 9 - Snowy Mountains Area

Fennec Fox and Raccoon arrive at the library and encounter Eurasian Eagle-Owl and Northern White-Faced Owl. The owls warn the chasers them about Kaban's next destination, and concede permission for the duo to go into the mountains that the Friends consider sacred.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Eurasian Eagle-Owl and Northern White-Faced Owl arrive to to help Serval and Brown Bear against the Black Cerulean. Their initial attacks don't do much, but then the other Friends that Kaban met along the way join in the battle, as she tells them to release their "wild side". She joins in at the large party for Kaban near the amusement park's ferris wheel, and is seen in the shore, bidding farewell to Kaban as she sails away.

Episode 12.1 - Bus-Like

Eurasian Eagle-Owl and Northern White-Faced Owl tell Raccoon and Fennec about a certain "bus-like" vehicle, and help the duo locate it. When the chasers leave on the vehicle, Eurasian Eagle-Owl points it's not much better than walking.

In the Audio Drama

Prior to the start of the story, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, alongside Northern White-Faced Owl, tells the members of PPP to collect Japari Buns for Kaban's departure. The duo is also mentioned when Raccoon and Fennec Fox explain how they got their Bus-Like vehicle.


Northern White-Faced

Eurasian Eagle-Owl and Northern White-Faced are inseparable Friends who act and talk almost identically. They share their knowledge of the library together and help the Friends who needs answers to their issues.

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