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It’s me, RainbowTuner4795(a.k.a. Eclapistoriale4795)! Currently a fan of rhythm games and Kemono Friends. I was a former fan of shmups back in 2016 until May-June 2018 where I started getting interested to Kemono Friends franchise. It was until I started to get interested in rhythm games before 2019 because of getting carried away of the songs that Kemono Friends has. My other favorites include Hololive and Pretty Cure.

What I love about Kemono Friends

Favorite Kemono Friends Characters

I love Kaban and Kyururu, but also Serval, Raccoon, and Fennec. I love being energetic, friendly, creative, and cheerful just like most of my favorite characters.

Favorite Kemono Friends Music

I may love the Kemono Friends Anime Opening Theme Songs (Youkoso Japari Park e and Notteke! Japari Beat) but I also love Doubutsu Biscuits’ Debut Album “Safari Drive” as well as “Happy Biscuit” from Kemono Friends Picross for the Nintendo Switch. Only “Doubutsu Biscuits:Safari Drive” inspires me a lot to get interested on rhythm games. And what can I say, listening to most of the Kemono Friends songs is REALLY tanoshii~! Because Doubutsu Biscuits is nothing but a fun and cheerful trio to me. That's why I only listen any cheerful, joyful songs. I just don't like any song that has noisy, intense, and aggressive trash can endings because I sometimes get triggered to get hyper and bang at the end. Ever since I was a child, I will always continue to become joyful and cheerful, so that's why I only listen anything that is cheerful, joyful, and enjoyable.


My Thoughts About Rhythm Games

For me, rhythm games are meant to be fun in the first place. It is for beginners and casual players should start at the easiest difficulty. Regardless of the song you choose and no matter how hard it is in any rhythm game that you play, whether with Full Combo or not, clearing the song is enough.

Current Wiki Contributions

Created missing pages for the songs featured in the album “PPP In The Sky!” as well as “Tanken Days” and “Around Round” from the Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP 3rd Single Album “Notteke! Japari Beat”. I even filled the missing composer and lyricist names in the existing pages of the rest of the songs of “Doubutsu Biscuits:Safari Drive” as well as the single songs included on the single album “Ke•Mo•No•Da•Mo•No”. I am best known for creating the page “List of Kemono Friends Picross puzzles