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take some time to notice your vision. see how easily you detect motion. focus on something in your peripheral (without moving your eyes to it). see how it works. look at your hands. pick something up with your fingers. appreciate how ridiculously specialized they are in fine motor skills (even if your personal motor skills are lackluster). think about how you have a body built to be an apex predator through use of tools. think about how the brain of your kind has created a digital hivemind uniting the whole world. now look back at the screen. look at the tab where you are in an argument about cartoons on tumblr. close the tab. open a new tab. google “tribute to anomalocaris”. watch the video that comes up. leave a like. subscribe even though the channel has been inactive for 8 years. you will need it in the coming times
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I'm sorry, miss...Ermine? Ah, apologies...I'm sorry, miss Stoat, but there are 7 things you will absolutely require for college, and one of them is a massive limestone cube. I'm afraid we can't accept you without one.

I'm Charlotte and I don't know I just sort of appeared one day and started editing things and now I'm the head admin?...Despite how my page looks, I supposedly take my job seriously...

I can be contacted via my talk page or via Discord, where you can usually find me wandering around the library or Pavilion or whatnot in the Discord server linked in our sidebar. For any inquiries that may require extended discussion, please use Discord. No issue is too small for me to offer my input on, so don't be afraid.

User:Mistiryshak/professional sandbox name is my horrible, horrible sandbox + progress report on all the side projects that i spend my time on when im not working on anything in specific

User:Mistiryshak/badabingbadaboom is my second sandbox but for when im testing template code on weed

User:Mistiryshak/w is my THIRD sandbox which is for when i cant test on weed but need to use what im making on badabingbadaboom to test something else. a complex network indeed....

User:Mistiryshak/pargon i give up