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The common gull, also known as the sea mew or mew gull, is a medium-sized gull found in the Palearctic (the geographical region encompassing the area between north Africa and north Russia, minus the Americas) and northwestern North America. Adults typically measure from 16 to 18 inches in length, with grey plumage on top and white below, with greenish-yellow beaks and legs.

Despite its name, the common gull is less widespread than some of its similar-looking cousins, such as the black-headed gull or the herring gull. They are easiest to find in the northern British Isles where they typically nest, as well as the coastal areas where they breed. Inland sightings of the common gull are comparatively uncommon, although one can spot them foraging in landfills, sporting fields or housing estates. That being said, they can be seen all year round, and are more likely to appear in populated areas in the winter months where they flock further to the south of Britain.

Kemono Friends' Common Gull was first revealed in a Twitter post by the offical Kemono Friends Project, alongside Black-Tailed Gull and the redesigned Ross's Gull.