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Toki's Song of Motivation
KemoTalk ID:  ?
Japanese Title: トキ、はげましのうた
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Crested Ibis, Suri Alpaca, Tsuchinoko
Area: Mountain
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 64 is titled (トキ、はげましのうた). It is unlocked by an interaction between Crested Ibis, Suri Alpaca and Tsuchinoko.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010011001 04.png
はぁはぁ……。 *Haa* *Haa*......
Kemotalk 010011001 07.png
おっかしいな。確かにこの辺に熱を感じたんだけど。 That's odd. I definitely sensed heat in this area.
Kemotalk 010011001 05.png
おーい、誰もいねーのかー? He~y, Anybody he~re?
Kemotalk 010005001 08.png
Crested Ibis
ツチ~ノコ~がぁ~♪山~を登るぅ~♪とても~とっても~大変そぉ~♪♪ Tsuchino~ko~ i~s climbing up a mou~ntain♪ It looks very ve~ry ha~rd♪♪
Kemotalk 010011001 06.png
変な歌、歌うなよ! What a crazy song. Cut that out!
Kemotalk 010011001 04.png
ぜぇぜぇ……やっと頂上かよ。 *wheeze*...... Is this finally the summit?
Kemotalk 010005001 01.png
Crested Ibis
お疲れさま。疲れているなら、そこのカフェで一休みできるわ。 You made it, congratulations. If you're tired, you can go rest at the cafe.
Kemotalk 010011001 02.png
おぉー!いい感じの店だな。入っていいのか? Oooh--! It looks so nice. May I go in?
Kemotalk 010005001 02.png
Crested Ibis
もちろん。 Of course.
Kemotalk 010005001 08.png
Crested Ibis
わた~しがぁ~ツチノコを~連れ~てきたわぁ~♪ I have co~me, with Tsuchino~ko in to~w♪
Kemotalk 010006001 03.png
Suri Alpaca
あれあれ。いらっしゃ〜い、ようこそぉ。ゆっくりしてってよぉ。 My goodness. Come in, come in, welcome. Please make yourself at home.
Kemotalk 010005001 08.png
Crested Ibis
ツチノコもぉ~♪ここでぇ~一休みぃ~♪ Tsuchino~ko, ple~ase rest as we~ll ♪♪
Kemotalk 010011001 06.png
だから、いちいち歌にするの、やめろって! I'm gonna tell you to stop that every time you do it!
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