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Think A Little More About the Lyrics
KemoTalk ID: ?
Japanese Title: かしはもうすこしかんがえて
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Hippopotamus, Crested Ibis, Suri Alpaca
Area: Mountain
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 162 is titled Think A Little More About the Lyrics (かしはもうすこしかんがえて). It is unlocked by an interaction between Hippopotamus, Crested Ibis and Suri Alpaca.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010004001 04.png
やっぱり山登りは大変ね……。どこかで一休みしたいわ。 Climbing the mountain is always such a struggle.... I'd love to find somewhere to take a rest.
Kemotalk 010006001 01.png
Suri Alpaca
カバだぁ、めずらしいなぁ。どうぞぉどうぞぉ。カフェに寄っていきなよぉ。 Hippopotamus is here, how unusual. Come on into the cafe, make yourself at home.
Kemotalk 010004001 02.png
あら、ありがとう、助かるわ。 My, thank you, what great help.
Kemotalk 010006001 03.png
Suri Alpaca
えへへ、おいしいお茶いれるねぇ。 Ehehe, I'll go brew some delicious tea.
Kemotalk 010005001 08.png
Crested Ibis
カバがぁ~山を登るぅ~♪登って、今はぁ~一休みぃ~♪ Hippo~potamus cli~mbs the mou~ntain~ ♪ And no~w that she's do~ne, she's taking a bre~ak~ ♪
Kemotalk 010004001 01.png
あら、トキ。それ、わたしの歌かしら? Oh, Crested Ibis. Is that a song about me, by any chance?
Kemotalk 010005001 01.png
Crested Ibis
今、作ったの。どうかしら? I made it just now. What do you think?
Kemotalk 010004001 04.png
え、ええ……。とても個性的でいいと思うわ。 Er, well.... I think it's very unique and nice.
Kemotalk 010005001 02.png
Crested Ibis
むふ。あなたもわたしのファンね。うれしい。 Hehe. You must be another fan of mine. I'm glad.
Kemotalk 010006001 03.png
Suri Alpaca
お待たせぇ。トキはのどに良いお茶でいいかな? Thank you for waiting~. Crested Ibis, would you like some tea that will be nice on your throat?
Kemotalk 010005001 02.png
Crested Ibis
ええ。お茶を飲むと、どんどん歌がうまくなる気がするの。 Yes. I feel drinking tea makes my singing better and better.
Kemotalk 010004001 03.png
え、ええ……。そう…かもしれませんわね。聞きようによっては…。 Um, yes.... You... might be able to say that. It rather depends on who's listening....
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