KemoTalk 184

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KemoTalk 184
English Title: Felling Is My Specialty
Japanese Title: きりたおすのはおてのもの
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: North American Beaver, Royal Penguin
Area: Waterfront
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 184 is titled Felling Is My Specialty (きりたおすのはおてのもの). It is unlocked by an interaction between North American Beaver and Royal Penguin.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010009001 05.png
North American Beaver
この木はここに置けばいいっすかね。よっこらせ、と。 I think it'll be alright if put this tree over here. Up we go.
(ドスン!) *thud*!
Kemotalk 010020001 06.png
Royal Penguin
キャア! Kya~!
Kemotalk 010020001 05.png
Royal Penguin
ちょっと!危ないじゃない! Hey now! Isn't that dangerous!?
Kemotalk 010009001 06.png
North American Beaver
あっ、プリンセスさん。申し訳ないっす!ケガはないっすか? Ah, Princess. I'm really sorry! You're not hurt, are you?
Kemotalk 010020001 04.png
Royal Penguin
大丈夫よ。ごめんなさい、ビックリしちゃって。 I'm alright. I'm sorry for yelling, I just got scared.
Kemotalk 010020001 06.png
Royal Penguin
それにしても、こんなに大きな木、どこから持ってきたの? More importantly, where did you find such a huge tree?
Kemotalk 010009001 01.png
North American Beaver
家の近くで切った木を持ってきたんすよ。何か作ろうと思って、準備してたんす。 I brought it from a spot by my den. I think I'm gonna build something, so I'm getting supplies.
Kemotalk 010020001 02.png
Royal Penguin
木を切るのって大変じゃない。どうやったらできるの? Cutting down trees seems like a lot of work. How are you able to handle that?
Kemotalk 010009001 02.png
North American Beaver
おれっちは、こうして歯でかじって切ってるっす。 Oh, well, I take my teeth and I gnaw until it gets cut down, like this.
Kemotalk 010009001 05.png
North American Beaver
(カジカジカジカジ) *fierce gnawing*
Kemotalk 010020001 03.png
Royal Penguin
すごいわね。歯で木を切るなんて、ペンギンには発想できないもの。 That's amazing. As a penguin, I can't even imagine bringing a tree down with my teeth.
Kemotalk 010009001 03.png
North American Beaver
おれっちの歯はものすごく丈夫なんすよ。とっても便利っす。 My teeth are just super durable. It really comes in handy!
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