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Episode 36


Episode Data
Japanese Title:  ?
Broadcast Date:  ?
Previous Episode: Episode 35
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The thirty-sixth and final episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).


The Cerulean Queen attempts to use the CeruHarmony that was reflected back at her to superevolve, mutating her into a less humanoid and more grotesque form. Serval explains that the cheer now filling the park is giving the Friends energy, thanks to the bonds that the park director and everyone else made

The supercharged Friends in the group, including Cerval, take on the Cellian Queen and easily win. The atmosphere around Park Central returns to normal.

Outside the flashback and in front of Park Central's nearly completed renovations, Mirai explains that the one that saved the park earned the title of Park Director from all its residents. Caracal and White Rhino explains that the Queen turned back into a small Cerulean and ran away after being defeated, meaning that she was originally a regular one instead of a special one. The group is confused about whether or not the protective charm was one given by Oinari-sama or the guardian Shisas, but Arai-san doesn't mind it staying a mystery. After explaining more about the renovation plans around the park, Mirai and the group sign off, hoping to see everyone again next time.

The Lucky Beast, 2021LB-1, seen throughout the show projects the video on the starry night sky, being held by an unknown person. A Serval lurks in the background. The projection changes from the end credits to a video of Serval welcoming the viewer to Japari Park. Serval asks the viewer if they love humans, exclaiming her love for them and how she's going to play with them forever.

Major Events

  • The park returns to normal after the defeat of the Cerulean Queen, who transforms back into a normal Cerulean and runs off
  • Compared to the start of the series, the reconstruction of the park after the attack on Park Central is close to finished.
  • The Lucky Beast seen in the beginning of the series is recovered by a new human in the park.


Major Characters

Minor Characters