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Episode 29


Episode Data
Japanese Title: ?
Broadcast Date: June 15th, 2020
Animal Introductions: Woolly Mammoth
Previous Episode: Episode 28
Next Episode: Episode 30

The twenty-ninth episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).


Mirai reminiscences on a moonlit beach about her friend Kako. When they were younger, Kako helped kindle Mirai's love of animals, teaching her about them. Kako had struggled when she was younger due to the unfortunate death of her parents in an accident, but she eventually fulfilled her dream of being a extinct animal researcher at the park. Mirai sees Kako as both a role model she respects and a dear friend.

The gang arrives at Park Central but are shocked at the state of the area. Grey Fox points out that the Ceruleans have taken all the shine out of Park Central. Serval is disheartened after seeing all of the shine taken out of a place she enjoyed.

Ruru asks where Mirai is. Silver Fox responds that she's contacting the administration center to report Park Central's current status. When Mirai returns, clearly shocked, she explains that Kako was found unconscious when the Ceruleans attacked Park Central. Although she was taken to a hospital outside the park, Kako is still unconscious. Distraught about not knowing her friend was attacked and not knowing what she'd do if Kako ever work up, Mirai breaks down crying. Crested Ibis notices Ceval in the tall grass, failing to fight against mind control. Ceval runs into an indoor theme park, Kemono Castle, surrounded by a red barrier. The group goes in after her.

Major Events

  • The group makes it to Park Central, in a dilapidated state after a Cerulean attack
  • Mirai hears the news that Kako is unconscious after being attacked by Ceruleans
  • The group finds Ceval and chases after her into Kemono Castle.

Animal Talk Segments

Woolly Mammoth's animal talk


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This episode corresponds to the story quests in Chapter 9-2, 9-3, and 9-4 in the original Nexon mobile game.
  • Crested Ibis's astonishment at the state of the Japari Karaoke stage is similar to her finding out the shine had vanished from the karaoke bar in the original Nexon game's story mission 9-2: The Sparkle Vanished.
  • Child Kako's predominantly blue outfit and use of a notebook is similar to Kyururu.