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Episode 26


Episode Data
Japanese Title:  ?
Broadcast Date:  ?
Previous Episode: Episode 25
Next Episode: Episode 27

The twenty-sixth episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).


The group immediately rescues Arai-san and Fennec from drowning, with the Shisas commenting on their initiative. The Shisas address the park director on their good relationship with all the friends and how much they're enjoying the park. Blue warns the park director that they should leave Japari Park now.

This comment concerns Serval and Caracal, who ask for an explanation. The Shisas say the park is about to become a dangerous place and not even the director's protective charm will help when it happens.

The shisas themselves can't beat the Cerulean Queen. The only way to defeat the Cerulean Queen is to activate KemoHarmony, a miracle that occurs when something resonates in the hearts of animals. Fennec knows what KemoHarmony is personally due to a past event prior to her and Serval becoming Friends. Ceruleans once attacked the animal hospital, but Serval was able to evoke a miracle that healed the wounds of everyone in the hospital, allowing them to escape. Shisa Lefty explains that Oinari-sama gave a "special shine" to Serval since her feelings were the strongest, which Serval used to make everyone's hearts resonate, creating KemoHarmony. Serval doesn't remember this. Fennec theorizes that Serval's memories and special shine were taken by Ceval.

Shisa Lefty says the Cerulean Clean is planning to use all the Ceruleans that Ceval awakened and the special shine Ceval stole to create CeruHarmony. This will lead to all Ceruleans simultaneously evolving and the disappearance of all shine. This revelation shocks the group with the notable exception of Crested Ibis, who is merely creeped out

Afterwards, the group arrived at the island where Ceval was.

Major Events

  • The nature of the Cerulean Queen's plot is revealed, heavily centered around the abilities of Ceval and Serval.
  • The concept of KemoHarmony is expanded on, being the crucial element that will defeat the Cerulean Queen.
  • Fennec mentions the Cerulean attack at the animal hospital where pre-Friend Serval evoked KemoHarmony, saving everyone there.
  • The group arrives at Ceval's island.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The episode uses the translation "shine" to refer to what is likely Sparkle from the original mobile game.
  • This episode corresponds to the story quests in Chapter 8-6, 7-6, 7-7, and 7-20 in the original Nexon mobile game.
  • The English translation for the Japari Park disclaimer in this episode has returned to the one previously used in the series.
  • When the Shisas address the park director, they do so by looking at the viewer.