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Episode 25


Episode Data
Japanese Title: ?
Broadcast Date: April 15th, 2020
Animal Introductions: Blue Whale
Previous Episode: Episode 24
Next Episode: Episode 26

The twenty-fifth episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA) and start of season two.


Arai-san, saying that the Lucky Beast suddenly stopped working, manages to make it reboot by hitting it over and over. After providing the usual "this is a record of Japari Park" disclaimer, it transitions to the title card.

The group receives a warm welcome to the Rikkiu Region by the Shisa of hospitality, two of the guardian beasts that guard the region. They surprisingly know a lot about the current situation, including Ceval's current whereabouts and what the Cerulean Queen is trying to use Ceval for. The Queen controls all of the Ceruleans from Park Central. Remembering Ceval's struggle against the queen's mind control, Serval is determined to get to her right away. Caracal advises to hear the two Shisas out on the way to the island.

Fennec and Arai-san, overhearing the group's conversation, sneak onto the Japari bus. Shisa Right notes the danger in sailing straight to the island, as the area is swarming with black Ceruleans. Mirai strategically changes the bus to its submarine mode, which causes trouble for Fennec and Arai-san who stowed away in an area of the bus that wasn't airtight.

Mirai's voiceover states that we'll find out what happened to Fennec and Arai-san in the next episode, then the Lucky Beast transitions to archival footage. Grainy video footage shows Serval commenting on Ceval holding her diary. Serval explains to the confused Ceval that everyone in the park keeps a diary, to which Ceval responds "Everyone?"

Major Events

  • The group arrives in the Rikkiu Region and recieve a huge amount of help from Shisa Lefty and Shisa Right. They set off to rescue Ceval.
  • Fennec and Arai-san end up in danger when they stow away into the Japari bus.
  • Serval explains to Ceval that everyone in the Park, even Friends, keep a diary.

Animal Talk Segments

Blue Whale's animal talk


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The start of the episode is another example of meta humor, as Arai-san noting the Lucky Beast suddenly stopped working acknowledges the gap between the release of this episode, which premiered on April 15, 2020, and the last episode, which was released on October 14, 2019.
  • This episode corresponds to the story quests in Chapter 8-1 to 8-7 in the original Nexon mobile game.
  • The English translation for the Japari Park disclaimer in this episode differs from the ones used in previous episodes, saying "This program was repodused / reconstructed based on the record of Japa repark. It may differ from other recordings such as audio, video, time series and so on. Please acknowledge it and watch it". It's noticeably rougher than the previous English translation, including misspelling Japari Park. It's unknown if this was caused in-universe by Arai-san hitting Lucky Beast too hard or if it was a result of something during real life production of the show. It's corrected in the following episode.