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Episode 12


Episode Data
Japanese Title: ?
Broadcast Date: April 15th, 2019
Animal Introductions: Dromedary
Previous Episode: Episode 11
Next Episode: Episode 13

The twelvth episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).


The group arrives at Oasis 1, finding the huge "water-guzzling Cerulean" causing the water shortage. Serval, Caracal, Ruru, and Rabirabi have difficulty fighting the huge Cerulean, but win the fight after getting a combat boost from Crested Ibis's singing.

After Mirai congratulates the Friends on their win, the group notices the oasis has been restored and will return to normal soon. When Crested Ibis shows concern for the desert Friends that have been without water, Mirai gushes about desert animals' ability to survive with very little water, using camels and the collared peccary as examples.

Ruru reveals she met the Fake Serval before. The Fake Serval saved Ruru from danger then went to the Nakabe Region. Ruru joins the group since she always wanted to run around in different places but didn't want to worry Rabirabi. Rabirabi gives Ruru her blessing as she trusts Ruru and likes her smile as she runs free.

At the episode's end, Serval summarizes the incident as having a lot of bad times, but also a lot of good times. Mirai mentions that after that, Serval got in trouble, which Serval didn't remember.

In the opening and end of the closing credits of the episode, the Lucky Beast is shown lying on overgrown grassy ground, surrounded by flowers, with no signs of the room they were in.

Major Events

  • The group defeats the giant Cerulean that was drinking the water, returning Oasis 1 back to normal.
  • The group gets a new lead on the Fake Serval and head to the Nakabe Region.
  • Ruru joins the group.

Animal Talk Segments

Dromedary's animal talk


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • There are two examples of meta humor in the episode: the group's silent disapproval of Serval's name for the cerulean, and Crested Ibis noting that Mirai has been holding off on her animal fangirl commentary because of the seriousness of getting Oasis 1 back to normal.