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Episode 6


Episode Data
Japanese Title: ?
Broadcast Date: October 15th, 2018
Animal Introductions: Eurasian Eagle-Owl
Previous Episode: Episode 5
Next Episode: Episode 7

The sixth episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).


Mirai, Serval, and Caraval tell the story of what happened when Crested Ibis drank special sap to try and fix her singing voice.

Crested Ibis tries singing again, only for a warning to pop up on screen with Serval and Caracal screaming in the background. After the footage reloads, it's evident that Crested Ibis' singing ability wasn't improved, only its power. More Ceruleans appear in greater numbers than before due to the enhanced power of Crested Ibis' voice. The group runs away.

Silver Fox is shocked by the amount of Ceruleans and decides to be a decoy so Mirai and the rest of the Friends can get away. The Sages share their escape plan. A gorge in the forest has a log bridge that, after the group crosses, they can push down. Any Ceruleans on the bridge would fall off into the gorge below due to their momentum.

After acting as a decoy, Silver Fox is accidentally spotted by Serval and friends. Silver Fox says to pretend they didn't see her and shyly scurries off. The Ceruleans that were chasing Silver Fox come towards the group. She bemoans that she got seen and got the group in the kind of trouble she was trying to avoid.

The group makes it across the log bridge. They drop the log, successfully leading the Ceruleans to fall off the bridge. Crested Ibis apologizes for calling trouble, saying she'll never sing again. Serval says that Crested Ibis shouldn't let things end that way. A large Cerulean crawls up the gorge. The Professor says she knows why the Ceruleans are attracted to Crested Ibis' singing voice.

Before the Professor can reveal what she knows, the Sages end the episode on another cliffhanger.

Major Events

  • The sap is proven ineffective at fixing Crested Ibis' voice.
  • Mirai, Serval, Caracal, Crested Ibis, and the Sages successfully evade a large group of Ceruleans, with one exception.
  • It's discovered that Silver Fox has been covertly helping the group for unknown reasons.

Animal Talk Segments

Eurasian Eagle-Owl's animal talk

Eurasian Eagle-Owl's animal talk by Kana Motomiya, who voiced Fennec in Season 1 of the anime.


Major Characters

Minor Characters