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Episode 5


Episode Data
Japanese Title:  ?
Broadcast Date:  ?
Animal Introductions: Northern White-Faced Owl
Previous Episode: Episode 4
Next Episode: Episode 6

The fifth episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).


Mirai, Serval, and Caracal tell the story of when they met the Friends known as the Forest Sages to try and help Crested Ibis.

The Sages Professor Konoha and Assistant Mimi introduce themselves, shocking Serval and Caracal due to appearing earlier than expected. The Sages are interested in Crested Ibis' singing. Despite Serval and Caracal's best efforts, they're subjected to Crested Ibis' voice anyways. Ceruleans are attracted to their location because of the singing and attack. With the power of the protective charm, Serval and Caraval fight them off.

The Sages bluntly tell Crested Ibis that she's tone deaf. Caracal complains about how the Sages didn't choose their words more carefully and kindly. Despite her inital freezing at the criticism, Crested Ibis recovers and asks the Sages how to fix her voice. The Sages say that the sap of the cobaiba tree would help soothe Crested Ibis' throat. According to the Sages, the cobaiba tree in Japari Park is special, presumably due to the influence of Sandstar. Crested Ibis wonder why Mirai, Serval, and Caracal would want to help her out, as she's a loner. Serval doesn't know exactly why they're helping, but Caracal says that Crested Ibis has to learn to let others help her. They obtain the sap, which Crested Ibis drinks. She gets a white glow and mysterious "reborn" feeling.

Serval gets upset about the cliffhanger again. Mirai explains again that Serval already knew what happened. Instead of being stressed, Mirai says that Serval is a very good audience.

Major Events

  • The group meets the Forest Sages
  • Crested Ibis drinks the cobaiba tree sap.


Major Characters

Minor Characters