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Episode 4


Episode Data
Japanese Title: ?
Broadcast Date: September 15th, 2018
Animal Introductions: Crested Ibis
Previous Episode: Episode 3
Next Episode: Episode 5

The fourth episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).


Caracal joins Mirai and Serval in hosting duties, telling the story of what happened when they travel to the An'in Region's Forest Area in pursuit of the Fake Serval.

To find out where Fake Serval went, the three decided to visit the duo called the Sages. In the process, they meet Crested Ibis. They discover the hard way that Crested Ibis has a voice that attracts Ceruleans. Crested Ibis starts singing, significantly stressing Serval and Caracal. Mirai is excited to see her, as Crested Ibis is a super rare species.

Crested Ibis laments how her song attracts Ceruleans, saying that if it didn't, she would succeed more in her dream to please people with her songs. Serval and Caracal, successfully but poorly, hide their disagreement with her assessment. They want to help Crested Ibis so her songs won't attract Ceruleans, but secretly wish that her tone-deafness would improve.

Mirai suggests that Crested Ibis join them in their visit to the Forest Sages. Crested Ibis hasn't met them yet because she's scared of the Ceruleans in the forest. Serval and Caracal reassure her that they'll protect her from danger.

Mirai, Serval, and Caracal end the story there. Caracal starts to complain about the Sages, but Serval insists that she stop.

In 2021LB-1's intro and closing credits scene, the room that the Lucky Beast is in is in is shown to have visible plant overgrowth, indicating its been abandoned. The credits are interrupted by Arai-san, who is confused by the camera and calls Fennec over.

Major Events

  • Crested Ibis joins the party on their way to see the Forest Sages.

Animal Talk Segments

Crested Ibis's animal talk

Crested Ibis's animal talk by Yuka Ozaki, who voiced Serval in Season 1 of the anime.


Major Characters

Minor Characters