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Episode 3


Episode Data
Japanese Title:  ?
Broadcast Date:  ?
Animal Introductions: Caracal
Previous Episode: Episode 2
Next Episode: Episode 4

The third episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).


Mirai and Serval find Caracal in her usual spot, crying in the corner near a big tree she was napping in. Caracal is angered, mistaking the real Serval for the Cerulean imposter. Caracal explains the situation after Serval and Mirai show confusion. Mirai theorized that the Fake Serval they met before was responsible for attacking Caracal and stealing her Japari bun. Mirai analyzes the tracks in the ground using a setting on her smart glasses, showing that tracks similar to Serval's leading away from Caracal's usual spot. The tracks go in the direction of the Forest Area in the An'in Region. Silver Fox pops out from behind the tree after the group leaves but scurries away soon after. They find Fake Serval with red bean paste on their face, indicating they ate it. Serval asks the imposter if they enjoyed the bun they had framed them for eating. She gets angry as she wanted to know what it tasted like. The Fake Serval says that the Japari bun was delicious, but frames it as a question, which confuses Serval. Fake Serval says that they must eliminate all obstacles, summoning other Ceruleans.

The charm glows and Serval defeats the Ceruleans, wanting to protect her friend Caracal. The Fake Serval asks about a queen. Serval asks if the fake one has a name, but the cerulean runs off. Mirai wasn't able to get a full analysis of the Fake Serval with her glasses. Caracal is apologetic about the misunderstanding, but Serval is fine so long as Caracal still wants to be her friend. Caracal is concerned that the Fake Serval might make more mischief that the real one will get blamed for, though Serval doesn't think the Cerulean is bad. Caracal points out that the Fake Serval went in the direction of the Forest Area. Since Mirai was already going there to begin with, both Serval and Caraval join her.. Caracal joins Mirai and Serval in their trip to the Forest Area.

Major Events

  • Serval confronts the Fake Serval.
  • Caracal joins Mirai and Serval in their trip.


Major Characters

Minor Characters