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Episode 1


Episode Data
Japanese Title:  ?
Broadcast Date:  ?
Animal Introductions: Barbary Lion
Previous Episode: Episode 1
Next Episode: Episode 3

The second episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).


Mirai and Serval's adventures start in the Kyoshu Region in the Savanna Area. Serval joins Mirai on her first day as a guide, wanting to help protect her. Mirai expresses a desire to explore the park and make new friends. However, it's dangerous in the park because of Ceruleans. They drive past one hoping to avoid it. Serval asks what Ceruleans are and if they were in the park before. Mirai says that they had appeared one day & started attacking. There is still not that much known about them. Mirai spots Barbary Lion.

Serval asks Mirai if she wants to come and see Caracal, which excites Mirai. Serval picks up a nostalgic scent from the protective charm, speculating that she's met the person who gave them the charm before. Mirai asks about Mirai and Caraval's relationship. Serval explains that they're good friends who always eat Japari buns together, initially starting to call them Japabuns.

Meanwhile, Caracal jumps out of a tree after her afternoon nap. She meets the Fake Serval, who she mistakes for the real one. The Fake Serval asks about her Japari bun before attacking Caracal. Mirai explains that Japari Park was also doing research on extinct animal species. Miraculously, said extinct species came back to live in the park as animal girls, explaining Barbary Lion's appearance. Caracal gets attacked by the imposter Serval Cerculean, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger.

Serval gets flustered, wanting to know what happens next. Mirai placates her after explaining that she, having already lived through the events, already knows what happened to her friend.

Major Events

  • Mirai starts her first day on the job as a Park Guide, with Serval joining her.


Major Characters

Minor Characters