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Episode 1


Episode Data
Japanese Title: ?
Broadcast Date: August 10th, 2018
Animal Introductions: Serval
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Episode 2

The first episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA). It introduces the show's main characters, Mirai and Serval, and sets up the format of the show.


A Lucky Beast states their registration number, 2021LB-1, and projects a video onto the wall of the storage room they're in.

Mirai introduces herself to the audience in the middle of Japari Park's reconstruction. Serval comes in, looking curiously at the camera. Mirai explains that they recorded what the park director did last time and will show it to Japari Park guests.

Mirai explains Japari Park's original intent as a wildlife conservation theme park and the eventual miracle of the appearance of animal girls in the park. Mirai enters a kind of fangirl mode, where she gets distracted in her thoughts of the animal girls and starts drooling. Serval explains that Mirai's fangirl mode is a common occurance and nothing to worry about. Mirai exits fangirl mode and apologizes, getting back to business.

She explains that eventually Ceruleans started showing up, attacking the animal girls. Serval says that one day she was attacked by a Cerulean by napping. Someone who came with Mirai gave Serval a protective charm. When it shined, it gave Serval the power to stop a Cerulean by herself. Mirai explains that the person with the charm is the current park director and that the charm brought the director to the park. She doesn't know exactly why the charm brought the director to the park in the first place. The Cerulean attack was also when Mirai and Serval first met a mysterious Cerulean that resembled Serval.

Mirai stops the story there, showing that the Japari Park in the background was in a type of virtual projection. Serval is confused that she has to wait to hear the rest of the story. She's placated when Mirai asks if she would want to hear the whole story all at once. Serval says no, since she would find it mentally overwhelming.

Major Events

  • Mirai indicated that this animation is a video recording of the Queen incident.
  • Serval told the story of his encounter with Towa.
  • Serval also told of his encounter with the fake Serval.

Animal Talk Segments

Serval's animal talk

Serval's animal talk by Yuka Ozaki, who voiced Serval in Season 1 of the anime.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Towa's introduction differs from the Nexon game as they're described as arriving to the park because of the pendant instead of being brought to the park by Mirai at the request of the previous Park Director.