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Woolly Mammoth

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Friend Data
Idol Unit Savanna Girls
Associates Serval, Okapi, Black Leopard, Raccoon Dog
Appears In Stage Play "Kemono Friends", Stage Play "Kemono Friends 2" ~Kemonos of the Snowy Night~
Songs Mammoth's Song, Japari Museum, Everyone's Friends, Kemono Michi
Actress Moeno Nito
Woolly Mammoth Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Woolly Mammoth is a Friend that appears in Stage Play "Kemono Friends".


She is scary when she gets angry. She also doesn't say much about her true feelings.

Role in the Plot

Stage Play "Kemono Friends"

She manages the Japari Museum. She was in charge of setting up the PPP concert one month before the Japari Park Anniversary Festival. She met Okapi and Serval at the PPP concert venue and gave them PPP concert tickets in exchange for working at the Japari Museum. At the concert, Blue Whale suggested a contest to see who was the strongest Friends, and she agreed. Later, while working back at the Japari Museum, Serval and Okapi arrived, having pledged to labor in exchange for PPP live tickets. And at the same time, Raccoon and Fennec Fox from Japari Delivery Service came and told us that the boom box they had sent to Royal Penguin had come back unusable. Later, in a warehouse at the Japari Museum, she was delighted to see White Tiger, but was furious when she learned that White Tiger was Raccoon Dog in disguise. However, when she found out what happened, she forgave Raccoon Dog and decided to join the Savanna Girls herself. Later, when Cellien appeared, it competed with Blue Whale to defeat it.

Stage Play "Kemono Friends 2" ~Kemonos of the Snowy Night~

She planned to go to the Snowy Mountains area after hearing from Northern White-Faced Owl at the Japari Library that there might be a projector in the Snowy Mountains area. The girls get lost in a snowy mountain area, but are rescued by Ezo Red Fox and Silver Fox. She hears from Oinari-sama that the cold weather in Japari Park can be controlled by holding the Snow Festival, so she decides to hold the festival. Later, she succeeds in obtaining a projector after Silver Fox tells her about a hospital with a projector, which was her original goal. She then learns the truth about Ezo Red Fox's lies uncovered at the botanical garden, and ends up cooperating with Ezo Red Fox's plan.


Blue Whale

For Woolly Mammoth, Blue Whale is a rival. They are competing to see who is the strongest Friends.

Black Leopard

Woolly Mammoth is adored by Black Leopard and together they work at the Japari Museum.


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