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White Rhinoceros

White RhinocerosKingdom.png


White RhinocerosKingdomAwakened.png

Friend Data
Voiced by:
阿部里果 Abe Rika
KFKSplendor.png Splendor
KFK AOE Assaulter.png Group Assaulter
Attack Type:
Single-Target Melee
July 13, 2023 (GL Launch)
ID #:
White Rhinoceros Anime Festival Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

White Rhinoceros is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Kingdom.


Japanese English
? Well met. I am White Rhinoceros. Call me White Rhinoceros, if you don't mind.


Friend Stats
Base Max Base Max
HP 1150 7354 PATK 285 1835
PDEF 225 1343 SATK 85 509
SDEF 232 1384 Speed 32 32
Breakthrough1.png Breakthrough2.png Breakthrough3.png Breakthrough4.png Breakthrough5.png
Valiant Song
In the first round after entering combat, White Rhinoceros gains +33% more PDEF from her own abilities and all buffs.
Kemono Miracle Level +3 COMBO Effect +35% Self Radiant Advantage Multiplier +25% Triumphant Song
Upon entering combat, White Rhinoceros gains 65% RES. At the end of each round, RES is reduced by 30%, all the way to 0%. Also, [Fight Till the End!] (Habit) now increases Catapult DMG by +48% for 7 rounds at the end of each round; this effect can stack.
Radiant Effect
Awaken Tier 1: Self Radiant Advantage Bonus +3%

Awaken Tier 2: Self Radiant Advantage Bonus +12%

Take That!
Clad in armor, White Rhinoceros enters combat with +321 PDEF. While in combat, she keeps [losing Stamina], with the Stamina Draining Speed scaling with her PDEF.

Upon using her Miracle, White Rhinoceros uses her spear to shake the ground, sweeping all enemies and dealing damage equal to 270% (PATK) + 181% (PDEF) Catapult ATK to all enemies over 4 attacks.

Awaken Tier 2: Stamina Drain speed no longer scales with PDEF.

Heavy Silver Armor
Fight Till the End!
Now is the Time, Attack!
White Rhinoceros's PDEF +20%. No longer gains PDEF upon entering combat. Instead, gains +787 PDEF every round until Exhausted. White Rhinoceros doesn't attack immediately in the round she enters combat. Instead, she attacks based on her Speed.
Nature Skill Nature's Sentinel Lv.1/2
House of Earth Production Rate +1%/+1.5%
Combo Chivalry
KFKWhiteRhinoCombo.png KFKBlackRhinoCombo.png

White Rhinoceros, Black Rhinoceros

All Friends gain ATK increase for 3 rounds, which doubles each round to up to +32%.
Special Attributes
Stamina Drain: Every round, Speed -13. This slowing effect scales with PDEF. At 0 Speed, -30% ATK every round. (At Awaken Tier 2, this no longer scales with PDEF.)


White Rhinoceros is an excellent non-Guard tank character, but you must be wary that until her Awakening 2, her high defense also severely limits her usefulness as an attacker as it worsens her Stamina Drain. It is recommended to pair her with Black Rhinoceros to mitigate the effects of Stamina Drain. With low base Speed, she can only naturally last two turns in combat before seeing losses to her damage output. Using Black Rhino's COMBO, White Rhino is best used early to gain additional ATK.

Because her Miracle damage naturally increases with both PATK and PDEF, it is recommended to equip her with Albums that boost these stats, such as Scaly (PDEF) and Sharp (PATK). King is another viable option; while it is weaker at boosting each individual stat, it can boost both at once at a greater rate than Balanced, leading to a higher overall value.


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