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White Horse


Friend Data
Voice Kaede Okutani
Debut JRA Crossover
Home Area Tokyo Racecourse
Distribution ?
Associates Seal Brown Horse, Chestnut Horse
Promo No
White Horse Anime Pavilion KF3 Gallery

White Horse is a Friend who appeared in the JRA Crossover ONA, Uma no Friends.


White Horse is shy when she meets new people and hid behind her cross rail when she noticed Serval and Kaban watching her from a distance. When she is familiar with people like Seal Brown Horse, she is comfortable and friendly. She spoke only to Seal Brown when she wanted to know who the new people watching her were, but eventually became comfortable with Serval and Kaban by conclusion of their race.

Role in the Plot

White Horse makes her appearance jumping over a cross rail.

White Horse is introduced to Serval and Kaban by Seal Brown Horse on their tour through the grounds of the Tokyo Racecourse. She is in the middle of practicing her jumping skills with a cross rail when they find her and the beautiful jump she preforms impresses both Serval and Kaban. As Seal Brown Horse introduces White Horse, she realizes that she is being watched and, embarrassed, she dashes behind a vertical pole of the cross rail. While peaking out from behind the pole, she asks how long they've been watching, and asks Seal Brown Horse who the new girls are. Serval and Kaban then move on to see the rest of the grounds without White Horse.

White Horse appears again at the race with Seal Brown Horse, Serval, and Kaban to give the starting signal. At the end of the race, Seal Brown Horse is victorious and White Horse, along with Kaban, watch over Serval who lies on the turf, tired from the race and complaining that Seal Brown Horse is too fast.


Seal Brown Horse

White Horse interacts with Seal Brown Horse when she takes Serval and Kaban to meet her. White Horse behaves very shyly at the sight of the new girls but is already familiar with Seal Brown Horse. White Horse meets Seal Brown at the race with Serval and Kaban, and assists by signaling the start of the race.

Chestnut Horse

Chestnut Horse appears at Seal Brown Horse's race with Serval and Kaban, joining White Horse on the sidelines. Together, they watch the race.