Western Parotia

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Western Parotia

Western ParotiaOriginal.png

Character Data
Also known as: Arfak parotia
Japanese Name: カンザシフウチョウ
Romanised Name: kanzashi fuuchou
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (Anime)
Western Parotia's Merchandise
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Parotia sefilata
Distribution: Indonesia
Diet: Omnivore
Average Lifespan in the Wild: 5-8 Years
Read More: Western parotia
Conservation Status: Status iucn3.1 LC.svg.png
Western Parotia Season 2 Pavilion

Western Parotia is a type of bird Friend.


Following the theme shared with Greater Lophorina, Western Parotia's design follows a "black ballet" theme for most of the clothing, with minor colorful details based on the animal's.

Parotia's hair is short but puffy, being almost entirely black, with the upper part being black with a white part on the front and spiky on it's sides, simulating the head of a real parotia. Two pairs of spatulate wires come out of her hair, one in each side, partially mimicking real parotias (which have three pairs). While her hair covers the majority of her head (even part of the cheeks), it does not cover her dark blue eyes.

She wears a long, black cape that covers her entire upper body, joining up around a thicker section in her neck. Nearby, Parotia wears a large bow tie, mostly yellow, but with a gradient shift as they approach it's tips, going through green and blue, then finally ending in a purple tone.

The upper part of her lower body is mostly hidden, but puffy shorts resembling that of a ballerina can be seen. Following the theme, she wears tights that covers everything from her feet to, at least, her thighs (likely further, but can't be seen due to the cape and shorts). Finally, her feet are also equipped with dark gray ballerina shoes, tied around her shins, with a dark gray bow adorning her feet's bridges.

In Real Life

The western parotia or Arfak parotia, is a medium-sized, bird-of-paradise with a medium-length tail. They measure about 28 to 34 cm long, and weighs between 150 and 250 g. Endemic to Indonesia, the western parotia is found only in the mountain forests of Vogelkop and the Wandammen Peninsula of Western New Guinea. Thier habitat is mid montane forests and well-established secondary forests. The western parotia is sexually dimorphic. The male has black plumage with an iridescent structurally coloured golden-green breast shield and triangular silver feathers on its crown. It is adorned with elongated black plumes at the sides of the breast and three erectilespatulate head wires behind each eye. The female is unadorned and has brown plumage. The nest is built and attended by the female alone. The species is polygynous. The diet consists mainly of fruits such as figs, and arthropods. In courtship display, the male performs a ballerina-like dance with its elongated black plumes spread around skirt-like, right below the iridescent breast shield. During the spectacular dance, he shakes his head and neck rapidly to show the brilliance of his inverted silver triangle-shaped head adornment to attending females.


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