Western Lowland Gorilla/Season 2

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Western Lowland Gorilla

Western Lowland Gorilla Anime S2.PNG

Friend Data
Voice Manami Numakura
Debut Episode 5
Home Area Jungle Park
Distribution ?
Associates Leopard, Black Leopard, Saltwater Crocodile, Spectacled Caiman
Promo Yes
Western Lowland Gorilla Season 2 Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

Western Lowland Gorilla is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 2.


She has a serious and commanding personality as the boss of the leopards and crocodilians. She knows how to get them to listen to her and serves as a leader for them to look up to. In secret, she reveals her laid-back side, mentioning how hard it is to keep her subordinates in line. She gets stomachaches when she's stressed out. She's strong and does what's necessary to protect other Friends.

Role in the Plot

Episode 5: The Power of Humans

She can be seen in Kyururu's drawing at the beginning of the episode. While the leopards and crocodilians argue over Kyururu, she approaches, beating her chest. She scolds them for fighting once again, which intimidates them into submission. She asks them what they're fighting about, and is surprised to hear Saltwater Crocodile and Leopard say that Kyururu claims to be a human. She takes him back to her hideout, and says his "servants" can come along, referring to Serval and Caracal. She tells the other four to stop fighting while they're gone.

At the hideout, once she's sure the other four aren't around, she drops her tough personality, becoming relaxed and relieved and apologizing for how difficult it is to control the leopards and crocodilians. She mentions not being able to handle stress well and how she hates fighting. Kyururu is surprised that she believes he's a human, and she says that he looks similar to the human she saw before. She reveals to him that the rumor that humans are supposed to be strong and scary unlike him is just a lie she tells to the leopards and crocodilians to make them obey her by association with a human. She offers to introduce him to the human, but she has a favor to ask of him. Mentioning a rumor that long ago, humans controlled animals, she asks him to teach her how to do it so she can use it on the leopards and crocodilians.

She's bummed out when he explains that he doesn't know how to do that. He offers his help to her if she can come up with a different plan to use him in. She invents a plan to have him pretend to be scary to convince the leopards and crocodilians that humans truly are like she says. She instructs him to do his best scary roars, and has Serval and Caracal pretend to be scared by shaking in fear, deeming them ready to put on the show for the other four Friends.

When they return to the others, she confirms that Kyururu is a human after all, ordering them to not do anything disrespectful in his presence. She tells them to watch as Kyururu demonstrates his ferocity, encouraging him to do just as they'd practiced when she catches him off-guard. Off to the side, she reminds Serval and Caracal they have to act scared to complete the performance. She asks the four if they think humans are scary now like she said, to which they agree. As she reminds the four that she knows a scary human now and they need to listen to her or else, the leopards and crocodilians get into a fight over Kyururu again, wanting him to teach them how to control animals so they can use it against the others. While they're distracted by Serval and Caracal, she sneaks away with Kyururu behind their backs.

Sighing, she thanks Kyururu for trying his best and mentions that there's no way he'd be able to control animals even if he is a human, which gives him an idea.

She returns with Kyururu to the rest of the Friends to show off his new idea. While the other Friends play with Kyururu's game, she mentions that it's alright for them to fight if it's a harmless, competitive game like this. She says she'd never have guessed that humans made animals fight for them using a game. With the sudden appearance of Siberian Tiger, she guides everyone to safety and tells them to run.

Episode 6: A New Morning

She escapes into the jungle with Saltwater Crocodile and Spectacled Caiman to flee from Siberian Tiger.

Episode 11: The Ocean's Mood

She travels with Kaban and the rest of the Friends to the hotel in the trailer. She comments on the strength of the clone Celliens and is worried, even with Serval and Caracal on their side, and her stomach starts to hurt. In one of the lounge rooms, she tries to wake up Giant Panda, who fell asleep in a massage chair. She decides to take matters into her own hands to defeat the Celliens attacking them, beating her chest, but before she has a chance to act, Giant Panda has already defeated them.

Episode 12: I'm Home

She carries the sleeping Giant Panda on her back, and questions why she has to be the one to carry her, trying to make Red Panda carry her. She leads the way for the group to clear out the Celliens blocking the entrance back into the hotel. She's proud of Kyururu for retrieving the drawing, even being moved to tears. She can be seen on the beach at the end of the episode after the hotel collapses with Giant Panda, who wakes up, and Red Panda.


Saltwater Crocodile, Spectacled Caiman, Black Leopard and Leopard

The four try to get away with as much as possible when she's not around to scold them. They all respect her and admire her leadership and strength, but don't know about her secret side.

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