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Regarding your song page formatting changes

While we believe your edits were made in good faith, your revisions to pre-existing song pages, along with your page move of Passionate PPP Ōgiri to Passionate PPP Ogiri, have been reverted for the following reasons:

  1. Major formatting changes such as changing templates to wikitables should be discussed in either the Japari Library Discord server or the japari-wiki channel in Japari Park beforehand.
  2. Page moves should be discussed in the same channels unless there is valid reason to believe that the change does not need discussed, such as a typo or a change in canon.
  3. The removal of diacritical marks such as the macron (as in Ō) is incorrect interpretation of the Japanese and results in the removal of the long vowel sound from the romaji transcription. Doing so causes the information on our wiki to become inaccurate.

In the future, when considering changing the formatting of a page, please discuss it beforehand and explain how you believe the changes would be an improvement rather than doing so on your own. Additionally, when altering the Japanese, please consult a translator or Japanese speaker to ensure your re-interpretation of the text is correct. Kemotalk 010029001 01.png Head Librarian Charlotte 17:27, 25 August 2019 (UTC)

An update

Once again, your edits to the song pages have been reverted. The reasons for doing so are listed here:

  • Once again, major formatting changes should be discussed in the proper channels. Simply because I did not specify changing the styling on the romaji in my earlier warning does not qualify it as a "minor" formatting change - it is the bulk of the pages you are editing.
    • As an aside, the current romaji format is fine. The style we have in use is intended for easy readability, which the all-lowercase format assists. The style was reconsidered by staff upon your most recent changes, but ultimately it was decided that the format we had in use is preferred. The implementation of your format is also arbitrarily decided (SAABARU for example is not a Japanese word).
  • Removal of information such as categories and links which did not need removed. Yes, even red links - the existence of the link means that we hope for such a page to exist at some point. The same applies to changes in images and removal of maintenance templates that are not resolved in the edits you are making.

We strongly recommend that before making any further changes to formatting in the future that you discuss it beforehand, explain your reasoning, and receive input. The wiki is a collaborative effort, and decisions of these nature are not to be made solo, no matter how much you personally think it will be an improvement. As this is the second time I have had to warn you, any further edits of this nature not discussed in the proper channels will result in an immediate removal of your editing privileges for an indefinite period of time. Kemotalk 010029001 01.png Head Librarian Charlotte 18:24, 2 September 2019 (UTC)

Your edit access has been revoked

Hello. While we greatly regret that it has come to this, your edit access has been revoked in accordance with our previous warning that any further edits not discussed in the proper channels will result in a removal of your editing privileges. As stated before, page moves should be discussed in the Discord server or in another proper channel. The previous warnings have been restored as reference. We disagree with your reasoning that "iTunes is not always correct" as a reason to not discuss this page move. iTunes is a distributor which sells the product "Starry Story EP" on their service to a western audience and is not region-locking this music to Japan or Asian regions; to claim that their translation is incorrect without a given reason or noted translation error is improper. As you may have guessed, the best way to come to a conclusion as to whether or not iTunes is an acceptable source for an English page title is to discuss it. It should also be noted that "Connect the Stars" is a completely accurate and acceptable translation of "Hoshi wo Tsunagete".

Japari Library is no stranger to disagreeing with official western titles, as noted by our usage of Crested Porcupine rather than African Porcupine and the usage of Cellien rather than Cerulean. As such, do not consider this as being a disagreement with the idea that we should question what we were given in an official capacity. Rather, the violation is the lack of discussion and consensus. If iTunes is not always correct, this implies there are cases when it is. What makes you believe that is the case with this specific example? Is iTunes not official enough of a distributor? Does iTunes have a known history of faulty English translations? None of this was brought to anyone's attention prior to the move, and a decision was made on a vague basis with no further details or examples of the claim.

The duration of your suspension is two months. Any further violations, given the number of warnings we have given you and the existence of previous discussions as to these behaviors, will result in a permanent removal of your editing privileges, without appeal. Kemotalk 010029001 01.png Head Librarian Charlotte 22:20, 20 October 2019 (UTC)