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Hello. i'm purple hippo, ("pienump" on japari library) i like doing edits on this wiki. I love hippopotamuses and aurochses. This wiki showing up on hippopotamus gorgops google images search is how i found out about kemono friends °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°.

My favourite Friends
HippopotamusNexonIcon.png Hippopotamus
AurochsNexonIcon.png Aurochs
ThylacineNexonIcon.png Thylacine
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png Vampire Bat EX
Hippopotamus GorgopsNexonIcon.png Hippopotamus Gorgops
Guggug.png All of the beast king friends.
Indian ElephantNexonIcon.png Indian Elephant
Egyptian GooseNexonIcon.png Egyptian Goose
GastornisNexonIcon.png Gastornis
Gaggag.png European Cave Lion
Medium Tree FinchNexonIcon.png Medium Tree Finch

Hippo Gallery


Hippopotamus Gorgops

Beast King Hippopotamus