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'Eyo, am Kobra. Also known as ソウザ (Souza, real life middle name), V-511 or Mence by older friends. Hugely passionate for any type of animals, mostly for reptiles (and by extension, birds), but anything really, from mammals to bugs and curious sea life. Also deeply interested in mythologic creatures from worldwide.

Actually 17 years old, lives in Brazil and studies japanese language, biology and intends to be an marine biologist. My hobbies are drawing, reading manga, watching anime and listening to music. (Favorite anime genre is Mecha, mostly 80-90s ones, and music is Rock, Metal, Jazz and Classical/Baroque). Started to watch Kemono Friends at 26th of Feb, if I remember correctly. The fact it's a light hearted show where the subject is animals easily striked my fancy, as I'm also used to CGI anime, the animation wasn't a bother, being honest, I loved it.

Some favorite Friends worth mention:

The list nearly extends to 40-50 Friends. I don't think I'm putting it on here anytime.

Favorite animals (some not specified):

There are a bunch of animals I wished to see as Friends, such as invertebrates (mostly bugs), the Killer Whale, parrots, toucans, sea turtles, shrews, etc (My interest list is just as big as the favorite friends). Will I just have to pray to Yoshizaki Mine then?