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Friend Data
First Appearance: Ch. 5, Pg. 2
Featured in Chapter(s): 5-6, 12
Location: Underground
Occupation: None
Associated Characters: Crested Ibis
Tsuchinoko Anime Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Tsuchinoko appears as a major Friend in Chapter 5, found in an unknown underground cave.


Tsuchinoko is very stoic and doesn't show a very strong personality. She minds her own business and lives a quiet life underground. She has strong survival skills and can apparently live using various environmental resources paired with her abilities. It's very possible that her lifestyle has given her a very keen sense of observation.

She apparently has a reason to keep staying underground, but it's never explained why. She eventually decides to explore the surface, however.

Role in the Plot

Volume 1 Chapter 05

Tsuchinoko is found in Chapter 5 after Ezo Red Fox gets lost in an underground cave. No one has ever seen a Tsuchinoko before, so Ezo tries to capture her in hopes that selling her would get her a lifetime's supply of Meat Buns. But apparently, the economy doesn't work that way as Tsuchinoko says that she won't sell for any monetary value. She then reluctantly helps Ezo Red Fox out of the underground cave. Along the way, Ezo tells her of the many great things on the surface, while she gives some information on how she lives alone in the underground.

After leading Ezo Red Fox to the surface, she then begins to wonder about the surface, and finally decides to go out and explore it.

Volume 1 Chapter 06

Tsuchinoko encounters Crested Ibis while the latter was searching for someone that would like her song. Tsuchinoko, curious about the surface, asks Crested Ibis for anything interesting. She then sings to Tsuchinoko, who said it was a good song. Crested Ibis then declares Tsuchinoko a "best friend".

Volume 2 Chapter 12

Raccoon finds Tsuchinoko while she's trying to live a new life to become more unique and popular. With the misconception that Tsuchinoko's rarity gives her an interesting life, the cryptid gives her the reality of living like a Tsuchinoko, alone in the underground. This chapter also reveals that Tsuchinoko actually went to the surface to search for happiness.


Crested Ibis

Crested Ibis called Tsuchinoko a "best friend". However, it is unknown if they have interacted after that fact.

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