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Character Data
Japanese Name: ツチノコ
Romanised Name: Tsuchinoko
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Cryptid Data
Classification: Cryptid
First Recorded Appearance: Unknown
Animal Based On: Blue Tongued Lizard
Read More: Tsuchinoko
Conservation Status: Uma label.png
Tsuchinoko Anime Manga Pavilion Nexon Game Stage Play

Tsuchinoko is a cryptid Friend who has appeared in all Kemono Friends media to date.


Tsuchinoko has cyan hair, and her own eyes sometimes shine the same color. She has a thick brown and black striped tail which matches the stripes of her hooded jacket.

Her main feature is her unique brown and black striped hooded jacket, which covers her upper body all the way to the top of her head. The top of the hood has two red circles that resemble large eyes. The front of the hood has a yellow middle portion to symbolize the Tsuchinoko belly, with side pockets in the middle-bottom part. She wears a pink bow that has a blue gradient at the end to resemble the tongue. She wears a very traditional and difficult-to-wear geta kind known as a "Tengu geta", which has only a single, thin and tall wooden base compared to the usual geta.


The Tsuchinoko is classified under a group of creatures called "Unidentified Mysterious Animals" (UMA), or also called "cryptids". It is one of the most popular cryptids in Japan, even getting its own annual festival called the "Tsuchinoko Festival". It is also called "bachi hebi" in some areas of said country.

It is mostly described as looking like a snake, but has a large central girth compared to the typical snake. Qualities and abilities of this creature include being able to jump meters in length, liking alcohol, can use its unique body to move around through rolling, among others. As it is a cryptid, the various accounts of it are taken from documentations which have not been completely accepted by science, which includes numerous supposed sightings documented across many regions in Japan, as well as legends that also describe it.

A specific species of lizard called the "Blue Tongued Lizard" is commonly mistaken for a Tsuchinoko, to the point that some researchers assert this being the animal that the sightings are referring to. It matches many descriptions of the Tsuchinoko's appearance, and was also discovered around the same era Tsuchinokos have been spotted.


  • At his Anime North 2018 Q&A panel, Yoshitada Fukuhara revealed that he believes in the existence of tsuchinoko in the wild
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