Treasures Beyond the Horizon

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The promotional banner for "A Wonderland Promise", the gacha banner which coincided with the Treasures Beyond the Horizon event and featured some of the characters the event story followed.

Treasures Beyond the Horizon was a limited-time event in Kemono Friends Kingdom which ran from July 20, 2023 at 5:00 server time to August 3, 2023 at 5:00 server time. It featured a story mode accessed via a road-building puzzle mini-game, and revolved around Tsuchinoko, Sand Cat, and a variety of other Friends as they searched for promised treasure high in the mountains.

The event received reruns from October 12, 2023 to November 2, 2023, and from February 1, 2024 to February 15, 2024.

Event Story

After Crested Ibis spreads word throughout Kingdom of a hidden treasure atop a tall mountain, a race ensues as Friends from all over clamour to be the first to reach it! Several teams form as Friends form treasure-trekking parties; Pig and Jungle Crow combine their respectively sharp nose and eyes, Emperor Penguin and Royal Penguin take the opportunity to grow as idols and promote their budding idol group, and as usual the misfit group of Least Weasel, Chevrotain, the player, and their faithful Lucky Beast companion can't resist the call of adventure. Tsuchinoko and Sand Cat, a particularly unlikely duo, find themselves travelling together through desert sands and humid jungles on their way to the mountain.


A screenshot from the road-building puzzle mini-game. The player uses their road tiles (bottom right) to connect their Japari Bus to map tiles with story dialogue and Cerulean battles.

The primary feature of the Treasures Beyond the Horizon event was a road constructing mini-game through which players challenged stages, unlocked story dialogue, and obtained numerous rewards. Piloting a small Japari Bus, the player received a number of road tiles they could connect to existing, scattered road tiles present on the map; by connecting one's road tiles to preexisting road tiles on the map, the player could make a road network through which they could access story cut-scenes and Cerulean battles found across said map. Road tiles themselves, when laid down, would sometimes reveal a Cerulean battle or a chance event. During a chance event, the player rolled two die to resolve the outcome of a situation encountered while on the road; depending on the outcome, they might have been rewarded or punished. The player also had a Luck stat which could modify the outcome of chance events; this Luck stat was itself gained and increased by a potential outcome of chance events.

Other common outcomes included receiving or losing map tiles, foreseeing upcoming map tiles, or receiving Ruins Coins.

Ruins Coins

Ruins Coins were the event currency for Treasures Beyond the Horizon, acquired by playing out the event story, completing event missions, or by redeeming daily log-in bonuses. Ruins Coins could be redeemed in a special event shop for items such as Kingdom Buns, Fluorites, Encounter Tickets, and Friend upgrade materials.

If a level were to be cleared with either of Sand Cat or Tsuchinoko in the player's party, 5% more Ruins Coins would be granted upon completion of the stage. If both Friends were in the party, this could stack to grant a 10% bonus. In the October 2023 and February 2024 reruns of the event, the Friends who provided this bonus were Passenger Pigeon and Red-Eared Slider.